Humulus Japonicus (Aka: H. scandens)

Humulus Japonicus (Aka: H. scandens)

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Does not contain any THC or CBD
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Strain Information

Humulus Japonicus, also known as H. scandens, is a species from genus Humulus or hop, which is why it’s also called Japanese Hop, and Cannabaceae, where species are also related to cannabis or marijuana. This strain does not contain any THC or CBD, nor does it have any recorded flavors. However, it has a terpene that can provide relaxation, pain relief, and mood-elevating properties.

Humulus Japonicus was only known as a botanical plant, but due to the researchers’ adamant will to search for its lineage, it was later found out that it can be potential cannabis.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Humulus Japonicus (Aka: H. scandens)?

Humulus Japonicus or H. scandens does not have any flavors. But, since it contains terpenes, it may smell like skunk. When used as cannabis, the strain of this plant can put your body in a calming state while removing all the pain you’re feeling and, at the same time, improving your mood.

What are the Medical Benefits of Humulus Japonicus (Aka: H. scandens)?

Based on its effects and by documented research, it could treat mood swings and the calmness, you will feel can be suitable for people who have bipolar disorder. It could also cure body pain, but the types were not specified.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Humulus Japonicus (Aka: H. scandens)?

Since it’s a part of the cannabis family, dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are the most typical side effects. No other adverse effects are documented, as well.

How to Grow Humulus Japonicus (Aka: H. scandens)? 

Indoor and outdoor cultivation are both acceptable, but growers would have to inquire which soil are the most nutrient-rich to ensure that it would thrive. Careful pruning should be practiced since its vines proliferate more during summer.