Inner Peace v2.0

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Strain Information

The Inner Peace V2.0 is an improved strain of Inner Peace mixed with other high-quality genes of Grape Kush x Tahoe OG Kush. It is an indica-sativa variety. 

This strain is covered with remarkable characteristics of a Sativa inner peace and brings the overwhelming effect of an indica. It produces high-quality buds and strong orange smell.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Inner Peace V2.0?

The flavors of this strain are very fruity. You can taste an intense grape flavor with hints of spice and sweet orange. When it comes to its effect, it is considered to be one of the heavy head high producing strains. It kicks you right immediately after your first intake or smoke and brings you to be euphoric, relaxed, and overpowering energy.

What are the Medical Effects of Inner Peace V2.0?

Most of the medical uses of this version are used to treat patients suffering from chronic pains, Crohn’s diseases, inflammation, muscle spasms, arthritis, and severe migraine. It also alleviates mental conditions such as depression, stress, and ADHD.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Inner Peace V2.0?

The higher the THC level, the higher the negative effects. This strain can make you paranoid in no time, and it sets your mood so high that it makes you feel uncontrollable. You will also notice your lips patching, and it dries up your mouth and your eyes, which can cause redness in your eyes. Other than that, it increases the risks of some medical conditions and can make you feel nervous or overly anxious about something you do not know.

How to Grow the Inner Peace V2.0?

This strain can be planted indoors or outdoors. It is good to be cultivated in a SOG setting as it allows the plant to absorb more nutrients from its environment. But before you start, you need to prepare the area where you will be planting the strain, water supply, a well-ventilated space, and where the light can easily pass through. You also need improvised light if needed indoors, it is best to use led light as it is warmer and helps the plant thrive, especially during the germination stage.