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Strain Information

Insomnia is known to produce two amazing qualities. It produces high quality yields with resinous buds and excellent sativa characteristics. 

This strain is developed through an unknown sativa phenotype. It carries big compact buds covered with resinous colas. Its aroma is intense citrus and cedar wood. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Insomnia?

The effects of this strain are stimulating, and it gives off a high physical effect. It has extraordinary flavors of cedarwood, incense, and lemon. It makes your body energized, and your mind focused, which turns to be peaceful and calm.

What are the Medical Effects of Insomnia?

The medical effects of this strain are commonly used to treat patients with chronic pains, migraine, depression, anxiety, and inflammation. It has other uses such as anti-nausea and brings back your appetite. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Insomnia?

The common misconception of others is that cannabis does not make any long term effects if used. However, it is not the case. It always has negative effects on the body and mind and can stay for a long time. Like this strain, you can expect to experience paranoia, confusion, slow reaction time, uncontrollable behavior, and increased heart rate.

How to Grow the Insomnia?

Cannabis plants can easily be cultivated if you know how to take care of this kind of plant. You need to seek and learn some basic knowledge and the things that you need to do when germination cannabis seeds. This strain does not require expertise but only patience and effort. You may require a high amount of time to observe and take care of the plant. Make sure that you place the plant in an area away from pests, mold, rust, and other environmental factors that may damage the plant.