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Indoors, 500 g/sq. Meter, Outdoors, 600 gr/plant
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Strain Information

The Instakush comes from the selection of Kush genes, which are the excellent OG Kush and the potent Hindu Kush. Both its parents have amazing attributes that most expert smokers love.

This strain is an improved Kush and produces an indica behavior. The entire plant shows robust and compact with the many branches on its stem. It also carries resinous buds. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Instakush?

This strain gives off a very nice light fresh aroma and citrus, wood with graphite hint flavors. Its effect will take you to an immediate buzz even after the first puff of smoke. It is strong but does not make you feel stoned. It uplifts your mood and gives off a sense of relaxing and calm state. 

What are the Medical Effects of Instakush?

It is known that this strain performs well as an anti-inflammation to various illnesses, pain reliever to chronic pains, migraines, and muscle spasms. It also helps in relieving stress and coping up with depression or anxiety.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Instakush?

As you smoke this strain, you will notice your mouth and eyes drying up. It will sometimes feel itchy or burning that will cause redness to your eyes. You can expect to be dizzy, paranoid, and feel an insatiable hunger.

How to Grow the Instakush?

It is best to perform an SOG set up when planting this strain to make sure that it reaches its full potential. Although you might need some experts to help you. It is also best that you directly plant the seed in soil or in coco so that it will grow strong and healthy. Water the plant from time to time and make sure that it reaches the seed or its roots. Never expose the plant to hot sunlight or hot temperature since it will cause immediate damage to its leaves.