Iranian Chemdawg

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
SOG: (Indoors) 350 to 450 g/m2/ (Outdoors) 1 to 4 pounds
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Strain Information

The Iranian Chemdawg is another indica variety of strain. It comes from the genes of Chemdawg #4 and Iran which are known to be high quality producing marijuana.

This strain has the characteristics to produce heavy yields but sometimes it depends on the climate weather. It bears potent buds and resinous colas where it looks like crystals sparkling.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Iranian Chemdawg?

The flavors of this strain are a combination of intense sour and fuel tastes. It gives off a high happy mood and a soaring high feeling. It makes you stay awake and alive which is good for people who want to be more productive. 

What are the Medical Effects of Iranian Chemdawg?

The medical effects of this strain focus on treating people who are suffering from depression, social anxiety, and severe stress. It also performs well as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Iranian Chemdawg?

The negative effects of this strain can have a long-lasting damaging effect on the mind when constantly used. It makes you feel paranoid and confused occasionally, especially when the high is too much to bear for starters. You may also notice dryness of the mouth and eyes which can make your vision fuzzy. Other than that, you can also expect dizziness or headache.

How to Grow Iranian Chemdawg?

The Iranian Chemdawg is less difficult to cultivate than other Iran genes. It’s because it can easily adapt to any growing mediums and climate weather. However, it is recommended to use the SOG system for a better and faster result. It also yields greatly indoors. Make sure to expose the plant to the light for 12 hours. You can improvise your own using LED, fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.