Iranian OG Kush

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
12 to 16 ounces (Outdoors), SOG 250 to 350 g/m2
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Strain Information

The Iranian OG Kush is an Indica/Sativa variety. It is produced with the idea and goal to provide an improved type of OG Kush and Iran genes. 

This strain has been performing well and produces high-quality flowers with buds full of resins. It is compact and carries so much potency.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Iranian OG Kush?

The flavors of this strain have a combination of earthy and piney tastes. It is very potent and it gives high sedation which makes you feel stoned and even immovable at the start, especially for newbies. It then turns to a deeply relaxing sensation yet energized.

What are the Medical Effects of Iranian OG Kush?

The medical effects of this strain focus on treating illnesses such as Crohn’s diseases, chronic pains, and inflammation. It is also a good antidepressant and stress reliever.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Iranian OG Kush?

This can cause your mouth and eyes to dry. It can make you feel uncontrollable and have mood swings. It also affects your mind and makes you feel paranoid and it lowers your reaction time. Other than that, you can expect to feel insatiable hunger, confusion, and increased heart rate.

How to Grow Iranian OG Kush?

The Iranian OG Kush can easily be cultivated indoors and outdoors. It does not need any specialization but is required to know some basic knowledge in order to properly take care of the plant’s growth. You also need a wide space with a cool to humid temperature and away from pests. It can easily adapt to spring and fall weather and is known to be frost resistant. Make sure to allow the plant to be exposed under the sunlight or improvised light for 12 hours during its flowering stage.