Isaac Haze

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Strain Information

The Isaac Haze comes from the wild genes of Giesel which is combined with the Bangi Haze strain. It shows an Indica and Sativa variety. 

This strain has a unique aroma of spices and herbs with fuel undertones. It produces nice yields and is more suitable for indoor growing. It is also well structured and its buds are dense and full of potency. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Isaac Haze?

You can taste different flavors as you smoke this strain. It is identified to be fuel, funky, herbs, and spice flavors. It brings energizing high in the body and clears your mind which is euphoric. It also heightens your mood, making you feel giggly. 

What are the Medical Effects of Isaac Haze?

The amazing medical effects of this strain are commonly used to calm nerves and treat pain such as inflammation, migraine, chronic pains, Crohn’s diseases, and muscle spasms. It alleviates stress and prevents someone from suffering from depression. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Isaac Haze?

There’s always an opposite reaction, especially in things that are consumed. This strain will eventually make you paranoid after a couple of smokes. It confuses your mind and messes up your behavior, making you act strangely. It also dries your mouth and eyes which can cause blurry vision and redness in your eyes.

How to Grow Isaac Haze?

To grow the Isaac Haze, you may need a little bit of background and knowledge in cultivating strains. This type of cannabis can be grown indoors or outdoors but is more suitable in indoor growth. It does not respond well to dry climate weather so it is best to improvise inside your homes. Make sure to prepare and secure a space for the plant, lights, water, and soil, depending on your growing mediums.