J.J.s Gold

J.J.s Gold

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Strain Information

The J.J.s Gold is truly a gold strain when it comes to its high natural characteristics. Its genes run through the infamous potent family of Acapulco Gold and Millenium Bud.

At first glance, you can definitely recognize its potency just by looking at its compact buds and very dense flowers. It is covered with light green nugs along with orangey hairs and white trichomes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of J.J.s Gold?

It has a very nice and strong pungent, hash, and earthy flavor. Along with these wonderful mixes of old unique flavors, you can feel the sativa effect that gives a buzz in the head. It immediately runs through your body and takes you to a motivated, happy, and giggly mood. 

What are the Medical Effects of J.J.s Gold?

The J.J.s Gold consists of medical properties that are very helpful in alleviating mental illnesses such as ADHD, post-traumatic disorder or stress, depression, and severe anxiety. It also acts as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and alleviates vomiting. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from J.J.s Gold?

There are always negative effects in every strain. This strain can make you paranoid. It easily messes your mind and confuses you from reality. You can feel uncontrollable emotions and make you act strangely. It changes your mood into a very low state to high. It also dries your mouth and can make you feel dizzy.

How to Grow J.J.s Gold?

It is always a challenge to cultivate and grow strains. This type of cannabis plant is one of those who needs attention and patience. You need a lot of supply of water, soil if you must, vitamins and financial security. It is not that hard, but what makes it complicated is during its growing process. It requires a lot of preparation, such as securing a space where it has a balanced temperature. However, all in all, everything is worth it.