Jamaican Purple

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Strain Information

This purple-colored hybrid is a nearly 100% Sativa strain from the Caribbean nation of Jamaica. It is of an unknown genetic lineage, but based on its properties and effects, it definitely comes from the Jamaican landrace. This daytime weed produces a citrus and woody flavor. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Jamaican Purple?

Just like its appearance, the flavor of this is weed is equally striking. It is a favorite mix of lemon citrus and woody flavor. The effects of smoking this weed are almost immediate. It gives you a cerebral rush that is full of energy, euphoria, and creativity. Any cobwebs in your creativeness will be swept away as you feel a rush of ideas and projects for the day. It is a functional strain that is great for daytime use.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Jamaican Purple?

This weed offers a myriad of benefits. It includes relieving patients of headaches, migraines, attention deficit disorders, stress, anxiety, and even depression. It also combats symptoms of fatigue and physical pains.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Jamaican Purple

Despite its wide medicinal value, this strain can cause uncomfortable side effects like dry eyes and dry mouth. While these effects may be mild to those who have been smoking weed for a long time, it may be overwhelming for new users. Thus, the importance of keeping yourself hydrated when smoking marijuana.

How to Grow Jamaican Purple?

The plant grows to a relatively medium height compared to many other sativa varieties. It can grow indoors and outdoors and demands a tropical climate for it to reach its full potential. Cultivators need to keep an eye on the plant and ensure that any upper leaves do not cover or block the lower leaves.