Kandahar-Michiocan Hybrid

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20% to 21%
14 ounces per square meter (indoor) and 16 ounces per square meter (outdoor)
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Strain Information

Kandahar-Michiocan Hybrid is a hybrid that came from the rare lineage of Afghanistan, Khandahar and an unknown strain. The perfectly balanced quality of this cannabis flaunts respect to its indica traits in terms of the plant’s physical structure. The leaves have rusty orange to spring tones of yellow with splotches of forest elegant emerald green palettes. The surface of each bud is smothered with thick translucent trichomes accentuated with long strands of curly rustic orange pistils. 


In the field of medicinal weed, this cannabis is a reliable choice for regulating stress while keeping the mood balanced. Besides, this weed can also aid in alleviating headaches along with straying away from the nuisance of everyday fatigue. Additionally, this cannabis can help relieve simple physical pain and mildly take care of chronic pain. 


As for its recreational effect, long-lasting abysmal body relaxation will kick in upon smoking this cannabis. A happy and satisfied will follow-through along with a ponderous euphoric sensation. Furthermore, a slight sensation of uplifted spirit and mood. Then suddenly a boost in energy will kick in along with a sudden urge to sleep. 

Growing Kandahar-Michiocan Hybrid Info & Tips 

Growing this cannabis will require an abundant source of fresh air and natural light. An outdoor environment will make this cannabis thrive better. Moreover, this cannabis is slightly repellent to pests, molds, mildew, and other external risks.