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Strain Information

Kerchak is an indica dominant strain by The Fire Department. It is a potent combination Gorilla Glue #4 by Joesy Whales and Grand Daddy Purple. Named after the leader of Gorilla family in the animated film, Tarzan, its name itself reflects its strong effects. It gives off a strong fruity, earthy and diesel aroma. It can be grown indoors and in a greenhouse.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Kerchak?

The strain is a mouth-watering mix of Gorilla Glue #4’s diesel and stale coffee flavor, mixed together with Grand Daddy Purple’s sweet, fruity and earthy flavor. It delivers a clear-headed and gentle effect which can leave you in an easing stone, while still being aware of your surroundings at the same time. It relaxes the mind by washing down negative and racing thoughts. After the mind clean-up, the strain washes the body aches next to complete the overall indica relaxation experience.

What are the Medical Benefits of Kerchak?

Having calming properties, Kerchak is recommended for people with insomnia. It also frees the whole body from any forms of aches and tension in no time. People with anxiety and depression experiencing constant stress and fatigue can greatly benefit from the increased motivation and productivity. Best enjoyed at night time, it can relax muscle tremors, inflammation, arthritis, back pain and neck pain. Headache or migraine is also relieved at the same time.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Kerchak

You should never let yourself become fooled with the tranquillity the strain can bring. If taken excessively, it can bring heavy downsides. Forewarned means forearmed. The strain is capable of inducing uneasiness, lethargy, nausea and migraine. This is aside from more common effects like cotton mouth, dry throat and irritated eyes. At the end of the day, it is up to your control and responsibility.

How to grow Kerchak? Some information and Tips

The weed thrives well when grown in the Sea of Green (SOG) setup due to its bushy structure. Trimming the fan leaves will increase air circulation. This also helps in avoiding molds. During the flowering stage, let the temperature drop down to 10 – 15 degrees Fahrenheit for better results.