Mystery Jazz

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Strain Information

Mystery Jazz is a well-balanced strain that undergoes complex creation. This strain is created by Pat Pooler of Heroes of the Farm, where it crosses the genetics of Jazz (Oregon Raspberry Kush x Galactic Jack) with Mystery Machine (Scooby Snacks x Girl time).

What are the Flavor and Effects of Mystery Jazz?

The flavorful citrus, rosemary, dough, buttery, and floral taste this strain will give you. Under its name, it gives dazzling mysterious jazz that would make you feel so joyful, being uplifted and relaxing without drawing out your energy. Also, this strain tends to cultivate your creative thought in one genre and makes you wanted to share it with people. Thus, it captures you in an aspect of wanting to communicate with people. The firm focus on you will be more increase, and the bad moods will have vanished. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Mystery Jazz?

Users may use this strain for leisure purposes only; however, they are wrong on that this strain also gives medical benefits. Patients who wanted a clear mind and wanted to let go of the struggles of depression and stress may best take this strain as a remedy for it. Also, this strain is best on healing bodily pains like cramps, headaches, and muscle spasms. Thus, this stain fights will with fatigue.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Mystery Jazz

Mystery Jazz will let you experience having a dry mouth and eyes upon consuming this. Hence, dizziness and headache maybe feel if the dosage is too much.

How to Grow Mystery Jazz? 

Growing this strain can be indoor or outdoor. Thus, this strain is best advised to grow indoors as this is highly sensitive and does not fare well outside. “Grow Kit” strategy is to best to be applied, and in the warm, Mediterranean-like climate should be grown.