Northern Lights x Skunk

Northern Lights x Skunk

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
550 grams per square meters
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Strain Information

This cannabis strain is one of the famous strains in marijuana society. This weed gives justice to the phrase “vigorous hybrid”. Because of its aesthetic components displaying crystal-like cones with colorful golden hairs, it is as beautiful as the Northern Lights itself.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Northern Lights x Skunk?

It shares a sweet and earthy flavor supplemented by some smooth sour hints but has more on the sweetness. Once inhaled it follows chilling and elevating sedation dousing users with heavy head and body high and urges you to stay in bed or couch for a long time. After the drowsy feeling, you get all the positivity to get on with the day!

What are the Medical Benefits of Northern Lights x Skunk?

The most common uses of this weed are to manage pain and alleviate nausea. More cured health problems include stress, anxiety, and depression. Medical users claim that this could also lessen signs of the PTSD and other ailments causing restlessness.

Another benefit this has to offer is the capacity to enhance appetite if you happen to be wrestling with gastrointestinal or digestive ailments.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Northern Lights x Skunk

Few adverse effects mentioned after consuming this weed include cottonmouth or dry eyes. Regularly smoking this weed might lead to dependence and addiction. Resulting in higher doses of intake, which you are likely to develop heart problems.

How to Grow Northern Lights x Skunk? 

To grow this cannabis strain apply the hydroponic systems for successful cultivation. Choose healthy soil and your garden space is clean. Give more space for the light tightly penetrating. Check on its growth daily 

Set up in an accessible area where you can immediately monitor against growth parasites and supply the needed nutrients it may need. Most importantly, optimize the temperature and humidity levels.