Panama 79

Panama 79

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Strain Information

In the year 1979, in the place of Humbolt County, the Afghani is reared. Also, in the year 1970, the Panama Red is reared. These two hybrids are part of the genetic lineage of the Panama 79. The Panama Red is crossed with Panama as the first phase of the creation of this bud. The resulting hybrid is then crossed with the Afghani to completely create it. The breeders of this are from the Old World Organics. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Panama 79?

You will be delighted by the haze and sandalwood flavor of this bud. As much as you love spending time at home or in bed, just listening to music or laying down for long hours, this bud will help you achieve it. Henceforth, the relaxing feeling this brings will make those real.

What are the Medical Benefits of Panama 79?

The numbing properties of this will kick away various symptoms like chronic fatigue, arthritis, and inflammation. You will be showered by good feelings as this takes away anxiety and depression. Appetite loss or nausea won’t bother you anymore as this eases those problems.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Panama 79

A dehydrated feeling prompts in the mouth and eyes by this high. It can turn into a jittery feeling or a slight case of anxiety. You must not go past on our tolerance level as this may infuse severe headache or moderate dizziness with a slight case of paranoia.

How to Grow Panama 79? 

In a room where there is a constant temperature, this bud will be best to grow. You can have it indoors or outdoors. The resinous buds will be cleaner when you use the hydroponic method, but be careful as the wrong implementation of this may kill the plant.