Panama Goo

Panama Goo

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Strain Information

The Sativa predominant Panama Goo is from the California Connoisseur Genetics. The grass valley cut which is the Goo is crossed with the Panama Red to create this bud. You will see its buds in thick structures and the colors of the hair are orange. The trichomes are so plenty and it looks so pure in the crystal hue.  

What are the Flavor and Effects of Panama Goo?

The kush and sweet flavors will linger in your taste buds. You will be happy as this bud will push away the bad sentiments you had. It will continue showering you good thoughts and feelings. The high will activate the body to do such things as this energizes you.

What are the Medical Benefits of Panama Goo?

 This cannabis strain works best in giving you the remedy for chronic fatigue, stress, and depression. You will be filled by the soothing buzzes that execute those conditions before this statement. The night will be forever young as this bud takes away insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Panama Goo

 You must not increase your portion without minding it as doing it will trigger anxiety. The worst part is that it may not only be simple anxiety, but it can be in its worst case. Lowering down your dosage will only infuse the minimal dry eyes and cottonmouth.

How to Grow Panama Goo? 

This bud can be developed indoors or outdoors. You can have the purple hues to show up in your leaves when you lower down the temperature during the last two weeks. Henceforth, do not abruptly lower it as the plant may be shocked and won’t be good because of it.