Panky Rang

Panky Rang

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Strain Information

The Panky Rang is a unique strain produced by the united Sweet Jones and The WhoOody cannabis. The result is excellent and it shows high quality Indica variety. It grows easily and takes 56 days to flower indoors. 

It has great compact buds and its leaves grow long like a spear-shaped which is full of dense trichomes. Its nugs are very potent and it smells like a fruity and forest scent.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Panky Rang?

This strain has a smooth and light combination of sweet, earthy, grape and spice flavors. It is soothing and leaves no harsh effects in the throat. It is very relaxing which is good for nighttime use, after a long day. It also produces a high stoned feeling but very euphoric and medicinal. 

What are the Medical Effects of Panky Rang?

The medical effects of the Panky Rang helps more on treating depression, post-traumatic stress disorders, social anxiety, lack of appetite and insomnia. It also shows good results in relieving pain to chronic pains and inflammation. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from the Panky Rang?

The negative effects that you can expect are dizziness, paranoia, mood swings, hunger, dryness of the mouth, fuzzy vision, headache and palpitations. The level of the side effects may depend on the amount of nugs consumed. 

How to Grow the Panky Rang?

To grow this type of strain, you need to prepare an indoor space since it is more suitable in a low temperature area. It does not need higher skills in growing this plant but it needs a closer observation and proper care. Improvise some light indoors for the plant to absorb. You can use any type of light bulbs as long as it does not produce low heat. Also, don’t forget to water the plants daily.