Panty Dropper S.E.

Panty Dropper S.E.

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Strain Information

The Panty Dropper is more of an Indica dominant hybrid. It is produced when multiple strains were combined. The Dirty Brownie was crossbred to the mixed Hells Angels OG and True Gangster Kush, which then resulted in an amazing variety of cannabis. 

This strain has more of an OG kush aroma. It produces a dank fuel scent, and it grows vigorously. It is good for extraction and can easily adapt to any weather climate. Much more than that, it yields heavy resinous and potent nugs, which shows sticky texture when broken.      

What are the Flavor and Effects of Panty Dropper S.E.?

The flavors of this strain are intense. It has a nice combination of sweet, dank fuel and lemon tastes. However, the dank fuel taste is more dominant than the others. It gives off a deep relaxing physical effect and mind buzz. It is euphoric, peaceful, and calm without the heavy feeling. 

What are the Medical Effects of Panty Dropper S.E.?

This strain has amazing therapeutic properties that are very helpful in treating chronic pains, inflammation, depression, insomnia, PTSD, arthritis, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, lack of appetite, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from the Panty Dropper S.E.?

The negative effects of this strain affect your behavior and the way you think. It also shows physical effects like dryness of the mouth and eyes and redness. You can expect to experience paranoia, hallucination, mood swings, dizziness, and palpitations.

How to Grow the Panty Dropper S.E.?

It takes around 7 to 8 weeks for this strain to flower, but it thrives fast when grown under SOG or sea of green technique. It absorbs many nutrients, and it also shows good results in a hydroponic setup. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors but make sure that the area is clean, away from pests, or any environmental factors that may hinder its life cycle. Also, it should be well ventilated and has a good temperature level for plants.