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Strain Information

An excellent blend of genetics and effects are packed into one cannabis strain in a crossbreeding process that one marijuana breeder group performed. That group was Dutch Passion, a huge name of reputable image in the cannabis industry. Users can trust 100% that their creations are all effectively delightful such as this one which they named as Perplex marijuana variety. Its parents were both mostly indica strains.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Perplex?

Another appealing fact about this strain is that it contains some very enticing tastes of sweet, fruity grape flavors which is intensely felt in its buds. It offers to bring you relaxation all night long if it is consumed in the evening. Your mind shall remain calm, focused, and motivated throughout the day if used in the daytime.

What are the Medical Benefits of Perplex?

After sedating you and your body with all its psychoactive effects and impacts, Perplex strain shall surprise or somehow shock you, as what its name suggests, with the sudden eradication of the suffering you are currently feeling when you take it. Such effects may be good for stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, muscle pain, migraine, spasm, inflammation, and many more, even severer ones, too.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Perplex

Even though THC is the best and most wanted property of marijuana strains by users desiring for a memorable toke, Perplex strain’s content may be too high and a little bit higher than normal. Thus, if used too often at very high dosages, it can lead to vomiting and dry eyes already.

How to Grow Perplex?

With the feminized seeds of this plant, growers are somehow lucky and blessed to grow this. It has acquired all that positive traits that feminized strains possesses. Those traits are in terms of yield, ease in cultivation, and quality of buds.