Persian Star

Persian Star

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Strain Information

The seasoned, well-trained cannabis breeders from the marijuana breeder group of Old Dutch Genetics successfully formulated the perfect recipe for a refreshing, sweet blend of new cannabis strain. This was made a reality through the crossing of DNAs from Starfighter F3 and Babylon Mist strains, bringing to life the variety which came to be called the Persian Star strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Persian Star?

Satisfy your palates with the delightful flavors of berry, funk, pine, and funk tastes that are perfectly blended together in one bud. It has a high amount of resin which makes it possible to spread an intensely sedating comfort and euphoria that shall envelope your whole being. Persian Star’s high shall stay inside you for a long period.

What are the Medical Benefits of Persian Star?

Smokers of this bud may expect this weed to also be their alternative choice for achieving medicinal benefits that it had inherited from its parents. The lulling effect it brings to users and patients are useful for alleviating insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and bipolar disorders. Also, the comfort, relaxation, and soothing high it delivers is for the treatment of muscle pain and fatigue.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Persian Star

Getting too much hooked or addicted in using this bud at higher dosage and too often is never a good one. Instead, its positivity may become negative if not properly managed, leading to vomiting and headache.

How to Grow Persian Star? 

Its medium to tall height makes Persian Star strain applicable for a wide enough space indoors or outdoors. Whereas, in terms of soil type, the best one is the loam soil. To boost its yield, growers may need to use some fertilizers.