Piaya Haze CBD

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
9%, CBD Level: 9%
500 to 550g/m2
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Strain Information

This marijuana that comes from the efforts and hard work of its breeder Mr. Hide Seeds is one of the treasures for many. Its name pays homage to the tribes’ doctors who used marijuana medicinally.

As this marijuana has a higher CBD amount than others, it is effective more for medical treatments. It has a huge amount of trichomes and its buds are big with snow.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Piaya Haze CBD?

The flavors are citrus and incense taste. This marijuana allows you to feel relax and euphoric making a great way for recreation. It has a clear mind effect and gives you time to feel calm and peaceful. It allows your senses to get focused and have some fun.

What are the Medical Benefits of Piaya Haze CBD?

Get help from this marijuana for your pain problems. This can help and give you some time to feel comfortable and be free from them. It can also help with other medical conditions like insomnia, nausea, depression, fatigue, and others.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Piaya Haze CBD

This marijuana can also show some negative effects, especially for beginners. But it does not mean beginners should not try as they are common negative effects and not that severe. They can be anxiety, dry mouth, and others. 

How to Grow Piaya Haze CBD? 

This marijuana variety is great when you are not ready for people to see your plant but have no space inside either to grow them. It does require knowledge from the grower but it can protect itself from pathogens and plagues.