Piensa en Kali Mist

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
350 - 600g/m2
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Strain Information

Another wonder developed by PEV Seeds Bank, Piensa en Kali Mist is a THC dominant variety with pure sativa genes. Spawned by crossing Kali Mist with other potent sativas, it churns out huge buds weighed down with white resins. It gives off a strong spicy and woody aroma, and it adapts well whether you grow it indoors or outdoors.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Piensa en Kali Mist?

The strain captivates the senses with its spicy and woody flavor and scent. It activates the mind by clearing out any negative vibes. This increases the concentration and focus levels. The flow of creative juices will seem to be unstoppable. You will find yourself deep in your thoughts as you rediscover your pending ideas. Laughing is easily induced as you effortlessly carry on conversations. Once your energy wanes, it will be replaced by a satisfying state of relaxation.

What are the Medical Benefits of Piensa en Kali Mist?

The strain is also wonderful in terms of medical benefits. It is prescribed as a mood stabilizer for patients bearing the everyday struggles of anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and chronic fatigue. It is also a great treatment in easing spasms, inflammation, backache, migraine, arthritis, and neck pain. It has also proven its effectiveness for insomnia and loss of appetite.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Piensa en Kali Mist

If used within tolerance, Piensa en Kali Mist will just cause you to feel dryness in your eyes, mouth, and throat, and you can simply gulp some water to combat it. Excessive use can lead to more uncomfortable situations, though, such as paranoia, tiredness, uneasiness, nausea, and migraine. The best course to avoid these is to control your intake amounts.

How to grow Piensa en Kali Mist?

In order to nourish its enhanced Piensa en Kali Mist genetics, it is recommended to grow it through the Screen of Green (SCROG) method. Since it grows dense and huge buds, staking is recommended as well as Low Stress Training (LST). In terms of feeding, it thrives well with moderate fertilizer amounts during the growth and flowering stage.