Piensa en White Siberian

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
10 -15%
550 - 1100g/m2
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Strain Information

A cross between White Widow and AK 47, Piensa en White Siberian is a mostly indica strain developed by PEV Seeds Bank. It is composed of 25% sativa genes and 75% indica genes. This makes it develop massive and vigorous buds showered with a thick coating of resins, which is great for extraction or BHO. It emits an earthy aroma, and it can be grown indoors and outdoors. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Piensa en White Siberian?

The strain presents a fruity, sweet, earthy, and bitter flavor. The taste and aroma come hand in hand to deliver a smooth, heady high. It will activate the sleeping cells in your brain, making you more functional. Your focus and concentration will be incredibly improved. The euphoric high is just so exhilarating that you can’t help but talk and become more inventive. The calming effects will soon take over. The body buzz relaxes not only the body but also the mind, preparing both for a nap, or a deep snooze.

What are the Medical Benefits of Piensa en White Siberian?

A great strain for uplifting the mood, it is prescribed for anxiety and depression. It eases the fatigue and stresses amassed from your demotivated days. From mild to chronic pains, it continues to prove its worth. Being indica dominant, it is also good for insomnia. It can make you sleep like a baby. It can also be relied on to induce the appetite for patients with anorexia. Even those who suffer from PMS can derive a lot from this strain.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Piensa en White Siberian?

If consumed in haste, it can trigger paranoia and anxiety. These will be accompanied by a throbbing headache and tiredness afterward. If you are careful, you will only get to experience cottonmouth, dry eyes, or parched throat, which are considered the most common and lighter downsides.

How to grow Piensa en White Siberian?

In order to maximize your grow space, cultivate quick, and harvest quality buds, the strain can be grown through the Screen of Green (SCROG) setup. If Low Stress Training (LST) is included in the picture, the more positive outcome there will be. The air flow should be maintained to prevent molds, and fertilizer should be fed lightly.