Pink Dream

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17 to 24%
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Strain Information

Known for its desirable traits and phenos of very eye-catchy physical attributes, Pink Dream was carefully developed by the master breeders from Annunaki Genetics cannabis breeder group. This weed offers smokers and growers with the combined powers of its parents which are the Blue Dream and Huckleberry Hound strains in one.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Pink Dream?

This weed does not only have such a sweet-sounding name but it also offers an intensely comforting high for the beginners and mellow smokers to have. No worries on getting too drunk from its sedation but must be savored completely by just simply lying down and with eyes closed. Its flavors of sweet, fruity, but herbal and spicy, too will come rushing to complete its sedation.

What are the Medical Benefits of Pink Dream?

One amazing fact about this weed strain is that it can also become a tool for taking away body pains that are usually hard for users to deal with, like fatigue, muscle pain, spasm, inflammation, and menstrual cramps among women, too. Aside from that, its mood-stimulating effects take charge of the stress and nausea that one feels.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Pink Dream

Limitation is imposed on the use of this cannabis strain due to the valid reason of being too strong for anyone to take regularly. In fact, Pink Dream’s sedation may eventually develop into something that negative like the dryness of the eyes or mouth and dizziness, too.

How to Grow Pink Dream? 

This cannabis variety is a very nice cultivar for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It fits into a small space, without needing much attention from growers. Trimming may also be helpful.