Plain Jane

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Strain Information

Plain Jane is a cannabis strain that is highly preferred by cannabis connoisseurs due to its vintage set of parents and its evenly balanced high. The cannabis plant is also relatively easy to grow.

The strain exhibits a notable high that has a great balance of Sativa and Indica. At first, you will experience a dazing buzz which will stimulate your inner social monkey. Note that the effect will last for a short time before the Indica effect takes place.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Plain Jane?

Users can expect a skunky flavor along with fruity, flowery, and woody. The initial effects consist of a stunned expression, which is quickly followed by socialization. After a while, you will slowly find yourself being gradually immobilized. In the end, an overwhelming feeling of heavy sedation will kick in, so prepare your pillows and best comforters.

What are the Medical Benefits of Plain Jane?

The strain gives grave assistant to people who find it challenging to socialize and can also treat stubborn insomnia.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Plain Jane.

You will encounter dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, and slight dizziness. It’s a mild side effect that is resolvable by drinking water before and after consumption. But of course, the higher dosage will result in increased anxiety and, worse, paranoia.

How to Grow Plain Jane?

Plain Jane is a fast flowering cannabis plant and a photoperiod one as well. It thrives more when exposed under the sun, so if you plan to cultivate it indoors and in a greenhouse, make sure that it is planted in a transportable pot. Plain Jane can survive when over-fertilization occurs, but not when it’s scorched from water.