Playa Sunset

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Strain Information

Playa Sunset is an indica – dominant hybrid strain that came from two popular strains. The intoxicating fresh grape aroma will already make you see the stars. The highly sweet flavor of Playa Sunset is comparable to a newly – groomed lawn.

Sunset Sherbert had given its potent indica effect to Playa Sunset that will automatically make your head buzz with its outstanding head – clarity feeling. After a while, expect a couch-lock sensation that will make you fully immobilized. Hence, a nighttime strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Playa Sunset?

Playa Sunset possesses an intoxicating flavor of skunk, grape, fresh and earthy. Its aroma is as potent as its effect and could instantly clear your thoughts. The only remaining idea is the need to sleep. Don’t worry, though, your needs will be satisfied since it will heavily sedate you after a few minutes.

What are the Medical Benefits of Playa Sunset?

The marijuana hybrid can be a grave assistant to folks who struggle in keeping up with their emotions and frame of mind, such as mood disorders and bipolar disorders. It has a helpful rest-stimulating high that can wipe away stubborn insomnia.

 Negative Effects you Can Expect from Playa Sunset.

The couch-lock sensation might take your breath away with its overwhelming results that could trigger panic attacks, especially those who have a low tolerance and are only beginning. Veteran users will only experience dry mouth and eyes.

How to Grow Playa Sunset?

Playa Sunset has lived up to its name with its intense need to soak under the sun’s scorching glare. With that, it is considered a photoperiod and can thrive well when exposed to the sun. However, there should be a time limit when placing under the rays of the sun, or else it will dry up and wither away. Regardless of that, both indoors and outdoors are suitable for Playa Sunset.