Potent Purple

Potent Purple

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15 % - 23 %
1.63 oz / ft2
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Strain Information

Potent Purple is a sativa dominant strain. This is from Reeferman. It is from a cross between Oregon Purple Thai and the unknown Indica. You can use this strain for medical use and for creational use. This strain may bring good benefits, but it also brings some side effects.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Potent Purple? 

This cannabis has a grape flavor with a combination of earthy flavor. It will make you feel happy. You will experience a body-buzz effect when you use this cannabis. It will uplift its user’s mood. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Potent Purple? 

This strain has many medical benefits. You can use this as a remedy for depression. It is also a good strain to use in alleviating stress and anxiety. You can use this cannabis for controlling chronic pain. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Potent Purple

Aside from the good benefits that you can get in using this cannabis, you will also experience some side effects. You will experience a dry mouth and dry eyes. You will experience a bit of dizziness and headache. It is important to take this strain moderately so you won’t get extreme side effects. 

How to Grow Potent Purple? 

You can nourish this strain in both indoors and outdoors. You should provide your plants with the nutrients that they need. You have to give the exact volume of water required per plant. It is important that you protect your plants from the pests and diseases that may harm them. You can use organic products in growing your weed so you can get good yields.