Power Gold

Power Gold

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500 grams per square meters
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Strain Information

This cannabis strain developed by Power Seeds got her amazing features from her ancestor, Himalaya Gold by crossing Nepal and North Indian cannabis strains. This weed promotes both creation and adventure making it a weed for aspiring and existing artists.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Power Gold?

This strain puts a mouth-watering spicy chocolate taste on your tongue. Once you smoke this weed, you will be bouncing as the high mental hits. It is one very delightful marijuana to taste and the high is worth a try. You will no longer need vaporizer when consuming this weed as the smoke itself is very conspicuous.

Power Gold takes you in an energizing journey boosting your creativity while keeping you relaxed. This is a suitable wake-up weed.

What are the medical benefits of Power Gold?

Cannabis users and growers adore this strain for her extensive medical applications. Because of its ability to alter bad moods, it is best to curing depression, stress, and other mood disorders. A couple of regular users also mentioned its power to bring relief from nausea, appetite loss, and constipation.

Up to the present, Power Gold continues to gain favor from therapeutic users for consumption.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Power Gold?

The common adverse effect is a headache. Not everyone may experience, but some are prone. Other expected negative effects are dry eyes, cottonmouth, and anxiety. Be sure to drink water after taking this weed to avoid dehydration.

How to Grow Power Gold? 

If you happen to like growing crops in big spaces, this one is for you. It grows for about eight feet tall full of buds. This marijuana strain can be grown indoors and outdoors. Growers advise setting up a greenhouse with enough space for a small structured plant. This weed is perfect for growers who are well versed in the SOG method. It is not that hard to cultivate this plant however, a little experience can be helpful.