Power Load

Power Load

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Strain Information

There are numerous types of weed, which could become an instant favorite for just one try, and Power Load cannabis strain qualifies for that. Coming from a unique mix of ganja, this balanced Sativa and Indica hybrid features potent effects and a quiet terpene profile.

This weed exists through crossing UK Cheese, Super Silver Spice, and two other marijuana. The upper mentioned types are both top-performing strains in the whole cannabis industry.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Power Load?

Power Load possesses a spicy flavor and earthy aroma. The primary rush hits all the corners of your head, going down to your body, bringing a heavy body high. It stimulates energy and alertness, making this strain appropriate for daytime consumption. Many experienced users of this strain mentioned that it gives you an extra load of strength to finish loads of work. However, when the high has worn off, you will feel calm, leading you to get a goodnight’s rest.

What are the Medical Benefits of Power Load?

With high THC levels, it contributes to several healing aids to various health problems. To mention a few, it is a good analgesic for curing or numbing aches and pains. It is a great relaxant too. It extends its healing power to people who are battling with post-traumatic stress syndrome. In connection with its ability to fight trauma or stresses, using this enables them to feel good about themselves and become optimistic in every way.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Power Load?

You can expect adverse effects like headaches; cottonmouth, dry eyes, red eyes, and slight paranoia are the most common ones. However, routine use of this weed may likely to bring you at risk of problems with coordination and lowered reaction time.

How to Grow Power Load?

This plant can be grown both indoor and outdoor. It can grow better if you maximize a cool atmosphere. Let the cool nighttime temperature penetrate well. You can use small pots in planting because it grows short flowers. You must become knowledgeable of the watering schedules, and all relevant factors to grow this cannabis.