Power Skunk

Power Star

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800 grams per square meters
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Strain Information

The cannabis breeder, Power Seeds, creates another powerful strain and a “star for all-season” feature. This weed has a high composition of THC levels to produce quality therapeutic benefits as well as recreational pleasures. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Power Star?

The hybridization of the strains Great White Shark, South Indian, and Super Skunk brought delightfully spicy and minty flavors. This weed awakens the star in you as it boosts your creativity. Many personal testimonies are mentioning that they would likely enjoy a productive day when hitting this cannabis. If you are a recreational user, it also offers a deep mental long-standing stoned feeling. It makes you calm and relaxed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Power Star?

Several medical users claim its effectivity in relieving depression. People who are flooded with stress and fatigue go to this weed to seek comfort. This all-around strain also aids with pain relief, muscle spasms, and other pain-related problems. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Power Star

While it is unavoidable to experience mild adverse effects, long time users reported an encounter of loss of appetite, nausea, and depression. If taken excessively in a higher dosage daily, this weed will put you at risk of serious health problems. Lung and heart problems are two of the major ones, while social anxiety disorders and appetite irregularities are possible too.

How to Grow Power Star? 

Experienced growers recommend setting up a grow room indoors for better results. You need consistent monitoring of the nutrient need and maintaining the humidity levels. Apply moderate water irrigation and light penetration. You may apply either the SOG method or the Hydroponics to cultivate this plant,