Power Surge Automatic

Power Surge Automatic

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Strain Information

This cannabis strain is a masterwork of the Aztech Genetic, which is the auto-flowering version of the Power Surge strain. Its THC content is reigning, making this weed quite potent, earning its popularity in the cannabis industry.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Power Surge Automatic?

It holds a sweet and citrusy aroma and flavor with a touch of floral scent many users love. It brings you to a relaxing journey along with a drugging feeling that leads to a deep and peaceful sleep making this a good nighttime weed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Power Surge Automatic?

About its therapeutic use, several reports say that this strain is best for mitigating and palliating anxiety,

stress, and easing headaches. Besides, one positive effect of this strain is to reinforce with loss of appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Power Surge Automatic

Most expected effects are having bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth. The effect of this weed in the body is not one to ignore, for it can alter the development of your brain and, worse, a growing risk of psychosis disease; that is why it should always be consumed with constraint.

How to Grow Power Surge Automatic?

Many growers suggest that it is better if you culture his plant indoors with the application of the SCROG method. Moreover, never neglect to monitor the nutrients, humidity, and water levels in caring for this plant. These are all important to achieve that thick buds with various therapeutic and leisure opportunities.

Power Surge Automatic will give a somewhat stinging smell in late flowers, so you must prepare carbon filters to be able to reduce the aroma it spills around.