White Lemons

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 22%
794 grams per square meter
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Strain Information

This sativa-overwhelming crossover genuinely exemplifies its name, bragging a sharp lemony whiff, that preferences much the manner in which it smells. White Lemon’s beginning is moderate, yet consistent, making a solid euphoric high that will make you need to bounce out of your seat for satisfaction. This strain is likewise a famous restorative assortment, with a not insignificant rundown of sicknesses that it can effectively help ease.

What are the flavors and effects of White Lemon?

 The flavors of White Lemon are lemon, citrus, sweet, candy, and tangy. White Lemon is a definitive joyful companion. In the event that you have a taxing day in front of you and need to complete stuff, and altogether, at that point, this sativa settles on for an extraordinary decision. This strain will make you feel euphoric and fiery and will kick in rapidly and remain for some time.

 What are the Medical Benefits of White Lemon?

 Interminable weariness is effectively warded off with this powerful strain, on account of its capacity to deliver a vivacious, and perceptive high, that will likewise persuade you to complete things. Stress and melancholy are additionally successfully treated with this strain. White Lemon can calm numerous afflictions that originate from driving a high-stress life, and can without much of a stretch dispose of minor agonies like headaches, migraines, joint torments, and muscle fits.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from White Lemon

White Lemon may incite a little dazedness, in spite of the fact that it isn’t that normal. An instance of cottonmouth and dry eyes can be one of the unfriendly responses of this strain. This may likewise incorporate an episode of the munchies, where you may feel slanted to an expanded or overstated hunger.

How to Grow White Lemon?

This strain is a high-yielding sativa-dominant powerhouse. White Lemon is well known and in demand in the scene, and is surprisingly easy to grow. It prefers to be kept indoors, however, it can flourish in warm outdoor settings too. Adding to its being low-maintenance, this strain is quite resistant to many common molds and pests.