Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
16% - 22%
18 oz per square meter (indoor), 14 oz per plant (outdoor)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8 – 9 weeks
Warm and Dry
Growing Difficulty
Strawberry, citrus, berry, lemon, spicy, and sweet

Where To Buy Strawberry Lemonade Marijuana Seeds

Strawberry Lemonade Marijuana Seeds Information

This cannabis strain is high in Sativa and won 1st place in the year 2015’s contest which is the Denver Cannabis Cup. It garnered the “Best Sativa Concentrate” on that content. The genetic lineage of the Strawberry Lemonade cannabis strain is Lemon OG crossing with Strawberry Cough. Its aroma will surprise you and will make you want more of this cannabis strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Lemonade?

The delectable flavors of this strain are strawberry, citrus, berry, lemon, spicy, and sweet hints. You will be tied with the feeling of gladness once you take this strain. It will settle your mind in mindful decisions as this sedates your thoughts. It will prompt you to take action on the things which you wanted to do more or just finished on it. This will then loosen your mind and dissolves your bad thoughts. The last hit would kick you in your bed as this tightens your relationship with sleeping. But overall, you will feel inspire and burst with relaxation.

What are the medical benefits of Strawberry Lemonade?

The ceaseless worries you always had would be out of your hand anymore. Strawberry Lemonade cannabis strain will elevate you and will lessen your burdens. Consequently, this will cure depression and stress. Your miseries will be diminished and so the anxiousness you had at all. This cannabis strain helps in relieving numerous fatigues in your body. It will weaken the pain and replace it with a soothing buzz. Your muscle cramps, inflammation, and fatigue will then be treated. An increase in appetite will happen along with an increase in more sleeping as this tone down insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Strawberry Lemonade

You must limit your dosage or stay on your tolerance level once you take this strain as this may impose some negative effects. Yet, this will be minor but you will feel irritated or not feel good at all. You will be left in a dried-up situation that will happen in your mouth. Also, it may instigate a cottony feeling. Your eyes would sometimes feel irritated and may also feel dries out. The uneasiness of your feelings may also happen; which then can instigate anxiety and paranoia. A slight headache may also possibly occur.

How to Grow Strawberry Lemonade?

The best climate to ensure upon growing this strain is the warm and open-air atmosphere, an open-air where the place won’t suffocate the strain’s growth. Basic forms like molds and diseases will be out simply as this has the resistance to it. The lighting and humidity must also be placed on the proper levels to not harm this cannabis strain. Developing this can be indoors or outdoors.

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