Sugaree Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Medium to High
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
60 days
Dry, Wet and Warm
Growing Difficulty
Spiced Grapefruit Candy

Where To Buy Sugaree Marijuana Seeds

Sugaree Marijuana Seeds Information

This cannabis strain is mostly Sativa and one of the most pleasurable strains from the cannabis breeder, Head Seeds. This weed is perfect for the upper caste medical or leisure users who would likely prefer elegant-tasting buds.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sugaree?

The series of the genetic makeup of this weed produced a mouthwatering flavor. It has a delightful of a spiced grapefruit candy once toked. It can lift your hopes while you enjoy a soothing body effect. Since its potency is medium to high, effects may still vary from each user’s tolerance. Many mentioned that this weed is good for meditation and reading books before heading to sleep.

What are the medical benefits of Sugaree?

Prevalent medicinal functions of this cannabis are practically in the reducing tension headaches. Also, the sedation provides relief from anxiety, stress, depression, unceasing pains or aches; taking this weed can help you deal with those. It greatly extends its healing power to people who are battling with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sugaree

Consuming this weed has inferior effects and merely a result of dehydration, such as itchiness and dryness of eyes and dry mouth. Further, if you take greater than the prescribed dosage, you might experience mild dizziness and slight paranoia.

How to Grow Sugaree?

Successful flowering will display a durable plant that is well covered with massive numbers of resin.

Choosing to grow this strain requires some experience: both indoor and outdoor cultivation results in plentiful production. Utilize the SOG and SCROG techniques in growing this plant. Be sure to permeate light. Trim the leaves and maintain the required temperature and humidity to maximize proper air distribution.


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