Summer D

Summer D Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
High but numbers are undisclosed
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
69 to 79 days
Growing Difficulty
Short to Medium
sour, skunky, fuel, grape, lemon and sweet citrus

Where To Buy Summer D Marijuana Seeds

Summer D Marijuana Seeds Information

The well-known Super Sour Diesel was crossed with the fast flowering and sweet Dragon Fire. The result is Summer D, with its Sativa-dominant content. It has a variety of aromas and flavors that are expected to come out by its breeders, the Love Genetics. The name “Summer D” came from the Californian rapper named “Cali Girl”.

The Sativa-dominant will fuel your day with an energizing start, making you extra confident and happy. It will also stimulate significant body functions that are highly necessary to occur at least once a day. Daytime is the most preferred consumption period.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Summer D?

The flavors are sour, skunky, fuel, grape, lemon and sweet citrus. Some might think it’s a weird combination, but the majority are finding it delectable. Upon consuming, Summer D will instantly send waves of energy in your veins that will soar your confidence high, all while making your extra functional or productive. But, these effects are also accompanied by an ecstatic feeling.

What are the medical benefits of Summer D?

People who have depression, stress, fatigue and find it challenging to focus can benefit well from Summer D. It may also ease anxiety, thanks to its confidence-boosting content.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Summer D.

Summer D will make you experience a cottonmouth, slightly dry throat and dry eyes. Some users might feel a bit lightheaded, but it’s not the usual reactions to occur.

How to Grow Summer D?

Any growers can have a Summer D in their possessions, given that they know how to execute pruning well without affecting other leaves. The reason is that the branches are sitting close to each other. The latter issue might be quite tricky for newbie growers. The height can also extend from short to medium.



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