Swiss Indica

Swiss Indica Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
THC Level
CBD Level
Up to 28 ounces per square meter (indoor), Up to 28 ounces per plant (outdoor)
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
5 to 6 weeks
Cold to a Temperate Climate
Growing Difficulty
3 to 6 feet
Berry, Sweet, and Herbal

Where To Buy Swiss Indica Marijuana Seeds

Swiss Indica Marijuana Seeds Information

Swiss Indica cannabis strain is a Swiss-born pure Indica. Usually, these classic strains are landraces and appear to be more indica than sativa in nature. While the appearance varies depending on the strain, it is typically medium to large with a color range from light minty green to dark olive green. Usually, these nugs are coated in thin hairs ranging from rich ambers to vivid oranges and a fine sugar trichome coating.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Swiss Indica?

This bud has a flavor of sweet, berry, and herbal that lingers long after you finish consuming. It starts with a slightly uplifting start that gives you a powerful mood boost. This effect is accompanied by a tingly buzzing feeling in the back of the head and neck that spreads in warming waves slowly throughout the rest of the body. This body buzz spreads through your entire muscles, leaving you fully sedated and couch-locked.

What are the Medical Benefits of Swiss Indica?

As a strong sedative, Swiss Indica is good for pain insomnia, muscle spasms, inflammation, and cramping. It is also beneficial for those struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, and bipolar disorder.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Swiss Indica

The Swiss Indica is going to bring dry eyes and mouth. This can cause dizziness and nausea if used too much.

How to Grow Swiss Indica?

The strain will survive from temperate to cold as long as it is not freezing to cause frost. Whether you decide to plant it indoor or outdoor, it will thrive best in both. Furthermore, this strain needs proper care, especially from pests and diseases.

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