How to Make CBD Crystalline DIY

make cbd crystals

CBD products have been steadily growing in popularity in recent decades. There are many forms of CBD available nowadays, one of the most well-known being CBD Oil. But CBD Crystalline is the new blast as this form of CBD extraction creates the purest form of CBD possible. Are you curious about learning how to make […]

History of CBD Cannabis Strains

history cbd cannabis

Cannabis strains are either rich in THC or CBD. THC rich strains are more common while there are some CBD rich strains out there. Despite this, CBD cannabis strains found its way to stardom. CBD is a great chemical that is often overlooked compared to THC. It has a great history that every new cannabis […]

How Marijuana Can Help Your Dog

dogs benefit from marijuana

Marijuana is seen to have a lot of potentials when it comes to addressing diseases in humans. Though studies are limited, using marijuana for the same benefits in dogs is getting into the light these days. Like humans, dogs can benefit from medical marijuana and the science behind is very much alike. Dogs have endocannabinoid […]

Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

best marijuana strains anxiety

Based on studies, anxiety disorder is one the most common types of psychiatric disorders. It is found out that one in every four people had experienced an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. For some people its something they battle with, for others they don’t have an issue with it. Below are some of the best […]

What is CBD Found in Marijuana

cbd marijuana

There are many different types of cannabinoids out there. But one of the most popular ones that has gained much acceptance worldwide is the cannabidiol. It is the natural compound cannabinoids that is responsible for the different effects that cannabis has. It is CBD that is considered as one of the components of cannabinoids that […]