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dogs benefit from marijuana

How Marijuana Can Help Your Dog

Marijuana is seen to have a lot of potentials when it comes to addressing diseases in humans. Though studies are…

best marijuana strains anxiety
Posted in Health|Science

Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Based on studies, anxiety disorder is one the most common types of psychiatric disorders. It is found out that one…

cbd marijuana
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What is CBD Found in Marijuana

There are many different types of cannabinoids out there. But one of the most popular ones that has gained much…

rick simpson oil cbd oil
Posted in Education|Science

The Difference Between Rick Simpson Oil and CBD Oil

There are many scientific studies that you will find online today about the medicinal benefits of marijuana. You can also…

thc compared to cbd
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THC Compared to CBD

If you are a weed grower or user, then most probably you have come across the acronyms CBD and THC.…