Pineapple Express Strain

pineapple express marijuana strain

Pineapple Express is the offspring of popular strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. This sativa hybrid strain is popular for its fruity sweet mango and apple flavor and a taste of pine, cedar and of course, pineapple. You will find this a resounding strain that will make you feel energetic and creative. If you are looking for […]

Best Recreational Cannabis Strains

best recreational marijuana strains

For experienced marijuana consumers who used marijuana for recreation, know that marijuana strains that have a high THC content have high potency. It makes or breaks the cannabis plant. This is one of the reasons why new cannabis strains are being developed, in order to meet the demand for marijuana plants that have high levels […]

Double Infused Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Snacks

infused peanut butter rice cripsy snacks

Sometimes we want to get baked and skip the “baking” process, what better way of doing so then with everyone’s favorite marshmallow snack! This no bake snack is sure to do just the trick and leaving you just that – BAKED.   INGREDIENTS: (makes 6 servings) 4 cups of Rice Crispy cereal 2.5 cups of […]

Cloning Marijuana Plants 101

cloning marijuana plants

Cloning is the best way to keep the heredity of cannabis plants alive for successful gardening. The art of mastering the concept of cloning gives growers the best plants species, providing a picky choice to cultivate their favorite marijuana variety. Cloning of marijuana plants allows many benefits which are suitable for a more sustainable yield. […]

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

buying marijuana seeds online

For a new grower, you might be caught up in a situation figuring out how to start because you cannot find the marijuana seeds that you want. You will discover a lot of various marijuana strains as well as hybrids courtesy of seed banks selling on the internet. Many online sellers are offering different kinds […]