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better marijuana cultivation

Better Growing Steps of Marijuana Cultivation

Ganja, weed, pot, marijuana, dagga, the green medication, the herb: there are so many different words to refer to cannabis…

deep water culture
Posted in Hydroponics

Deep Water Culture: Another Way of Growing Cannabis

If you are an enthusiastic cannabis grower, and have considered switching to a hydroponic setup then you have probably heard…

growing autoflower marijuana

Autoflower Marijuana Plants Grow Guide

Are you roaming the web in search of a reliable, easy-to-digest yet explicit marijuana autoflower plants grow guide (Gotcha!) Admittedly,…

growing white widow cannabis
Posted in Cannabis Strains

How to Grow White Widow Seeds

Do you want to learn how to grow White Widow? If so, then we have tons of positive vibes heading…

7 key stages growing marijuana

7 Key Stages of Marijuana Plant Growth

Each marijuana plant is a living creature, and as such, it goes through different stages of development during its lifespan.…

cannabis growing harvest yield
Posted in Marijuana Science

Cannabis Growing, Harvest, and Yield Factors

If you are interested in growing your own cannabis, you must know that there are growth factors to account for…

regular feminized seeds
Posted in Marijuana Science

Feminized Cannabis Compared to Regular Cannabis

If your a beginner in marijuana growing, it could be a real challenge planting marijuana seeds particularly if you are…

trimming marijuana plants

Training Marijuana Plants 101

Growing marijuana indoors or outdoors, on a small or on a large-scale: the type of your cannabis cultivation operation really…

marijuana bonsai plants

Must Read! Growing Bonsai Marijuana Plants

The art of bonsai dates back to thousands of years ago. Bearing a Japanese origin, “bonsai” literally translates as “planted…


Best Nutrients for Growing Weed

Selecting the best nutrients for growing weed can be a very daunting task. Sure, there are so many options to…