Better Growing Steps of Marijuana Cultivation

better marijuana cultivation

Ganja, weed, pot, marijuana, dagga, the green medication, the herb: there are so many different words to refer to cannabis just like there are so many different ways to boost yields when growing your very own green ladies. Since you are reading these lines, we can bet that you are about to join the global […]

Deep Water Culture: Another Way of Growing Cannabis

deep water culture

If you are an enthusiastic cannabis grower, and have considered switching to a hydroponic setup then you have probably heard of the deep water culture (DWC) technique. This popular method of hydroponic cannabis cultivation has received a lot of positive feedback from growers who have tried it. One of the main benefits of hydroponic cultivation […]

Autoflower Marijuana Plants Grow Guide

growing autoflower marijuana

Are you roaming the web in search of a reliable, easy-to-digest yet explicit marijuana autoflower plants grow guide (Gotcha!) Admittedly, this one was logical to assume since you are reading these lines, right? We understand painfully well the perplexity that some of you might be experiencing right now: you’re struck by so many guidelines and […]

How to Grow White Widow Seeds

growing white widow cannabis

Do you want to learn how to grow White Widow? If so, then we have tons of positive vibes heading your way. First off, congratulations on your excellent choice. White Widow has turned into a legendary strain for some good reasons, and these are not solely limited to the plethora of recreational and medical benefits […]

7 Key Stages of Marijuana Plant Growth

7 key stages growing marijuana

Each marijuana plant is a living creature, and as such, it goes through different stages of development during its lifespan. From being only a fragile seed, a cannabis plant will gradually turn into a cute seedling. Next, it will enter vegetation and transition into flowering as time goes by. Understanding the 7 key stages of […]