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making biochar
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Biochar How it Can Improve Marijuana Growing

When you have some organic plant waste materials at home that you find hard to use, you can actually produce…

marijuana growing license west coast
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Applying for a License to Grow Marijuana – West Coast

With marijuana legalization coming up in Canada, there are many people that consider applying to grow marijuana because they see…

grow your own marijuana
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5 Good Reasons to Grow Your Own Marijuana

At some point you’ve probably thought about growing your own marijuana. There are just so many advantages of growing your…

durban poison cannabis strain

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Review

Durban Poison refers to a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It has uplifting effects, great for tasks needing a sense of creativity,…

cloning marijuana plants
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Cloning Marijuana Plants 101

Cloning is the best way to keep the heredity of cannabis plants alive for successful gardening. The art of mastering…