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marijuana greenhouse benefits
Posted in Indoors

Benefits of Growing Marijuana in Greenhouses

Growing marijuana plants is one of the most sought-after hobbies by tons of cannabis users and cultivators. Although there is…

trimming marijuana guide
Posted in Growing

Guide to Trimming Marijuana

When your cannabis plant is very dense, a lot of cannabis growers usually cut the branches and leaves to stunt…

grow loigh color spectrums
Posted in Indoors

How Color Spectrum Affects Marijuana Plants

In growing cannabis plants, light is an important parameter that should be considered. It should be supplemented properly into your…

growing cannabis seedlings
Posted in Growing

Common Cannabis Seedling Problems

Growing cannabis plants isn’t easy as everyone conceives it would be. It can be a challenging experience especially for those…

time saving marijuana growing techniques
Posted in Growing

Time Saving Marijuana Growing Techniques

We all lead a busy life. There are things that we intend to address first rather than the cannabis plants…

algae enemy of marijuana
Posted in Hydroponics

Algae – Worst Enemy of Marijuana

Growing cannabis can be rewarding especially when growing hydroponically. With the advancement in technologies, researchers and horticulturist is still striving…

cannabis mold
Posted in Growing

3 Unexpected Ways to Get Mold in Marijuana

Have it ever occurred to you while strolling down to your cannabis plants, you’ve encounter unnecessary white powdery substances lingering…

indoor cannabis grow room
Posted in Indoors

Making an Indoor Grow Room

Probably, the safest place to cultivate your cannabis plants is indoors. Comparing to outdoors, growing cannabis indoors will ensure safety…

making biochar
Posted in Growing

Biochar How it Can Improve Marijuana Growing

When you have some organic plant waste materials at home that you find hard to use, you can actually produce…

marijuana growing license west coast
Posted in Education|Growing|News

Applying for a License to Grow Marijuana – West Coast

With marijuana legalization coming up in Canada, there are many people that consider applying to grow marijuana because they see…