History of CBD Cannabis Strains

history cbd cannabis

Cannabis strains are either rich in THC or CBD. THC rich strains are more common while there are some CBD rich strains out there. Despite this, CBD cannabis strains found its way to stardom. CBD is a great chemical that is often overlooked compared to THC. It has a great history that every new cannabis […]

Evolution of Cannabis – Origin of the Plant


Cannabis is definitely the most controversial plant in the world. It has been a topic on a series of debates in the course of history concerning its benefits, importance, and drawbacks. Likewise, the plant has its own struggling and flourishing times. It has been one of the earliest cultivated plants by a man dating back […]

25 Fun Facts About Marijuana

25 fun facts about marijuana

Marijuana is considered as one of the best wonders and gifts of nature. Through the years, it has been proven to provide a number of different health benefits to humans and animals. Despite the many different negative notions of this plant which stems from propaganda, marijuana has continued to prove that it can always outweigh […]