Medical Benefits of Marijuana for your Body

medical benefits of marijuana

Did you know that back in 1974 a team of researchers at the Medical College of Virginia were funded by the National Institute of Health to find evidence on the way cannabis damages the immune system? Yet instead, the researchers found out that THC actually slowed down the growth of three kinds of cancer cells, […]

Everything you Need to Know about Linalool

everything linalool

As people’s awareness over the multiple medicinal benefits of cannabis is rapidly increasing, it is not only the most common active cannabinoids, namely THC and CBD, that have been growing in popularity. Experts have been eagerly promoting science-backed up research evidence on the ensemble or entourage effect pointing out to the unique way in which […]

Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep Disorders

cannabis strains for sleep

Sleep disorders are disturbances or problems that cause abnormal sleeping patterns. The most common type of sleep disorder is insomnia, which is characterized by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Sleep Apnea is regarded as a serious type of sleeping disorder that happens when a the breathing of a person is interrupted while sleeping. Narcolepsy […]

Marijuana’s Effects on Sleep

cannabis effects on sleep

As controversial as the cannabis is these days, who would not want a cure for the sleepless nights? Well, everyone wants a good sleep as this determines the body’s good physical and mental health. Unfortunately, not everyone can have sleepless nights, much more, easy sleeping routines. If you are among the millions of people suffering […]

Five Amazing Ways Cannabis Prevents Illness

ways cannabis prevents illness

Various researches will tell you that marijuana has done wonders in helping cure diseases including epilepsy, glaucoma, anxiety and even certain cancers. Cannabis is so effective that it can even be used to prevent illness in the first place. Cannabis is surprisingly becoming popular not due to the ability to help treat/cure certain diseases but […]