Tangie x Chocolope

Tangie x Chocolope Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20% to 25%
350 to 500 grams per square meters indoors / 700 grams per plant outdoors
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks indoors
Adapts well in moderate and warm climates
Growing Difficulty
70 cm to 120 cm
Sweet, citrus, earthy, diesel, musky

Where To Buy Tangie x Chocolope Marijuana Seeds

Tangie x Chocolope Marijuana Seeds Information

Tangie x Chocolope is a mostly Sativa hybrid that will please those who love chocolate and citrus flavors. If you want an uplifting Sativa experience without any sedating effect, Tangie x Chocolope is a perfect choice.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Tangie x Chocolope?

This variety of cannabis will fill your heart with happiness and your mind with creativity while satisfying you with its overflowing flavors of chocolate sweetness, citrus, and earthiness, with touches of diesel and musk. This monster of lemon and sweetness will not disappoint those who love the mouthwatering flavors. Tangie x Chocolope provides a psychedelic experience mixed with a jolting body high. An excellent choice for daytime or afternoon use.

What are the medical benefits of Tangie x Chocolope?

Despite its intense cerebral highs, Tangie x Chocolope is useful in treating nausea, headaches, and migraines. Its high THC levels work perfectly to alleviate ailments such as muscle cramps, arthritis, and gastrointestinal illnesses. The most common medicinal benefit of this cannabis strain, though, is its relaxing and energizing combination. Tangie x Chocolope can also increase your appetite, which helps patients with appetite loss disorder.

What are the Negative Effects You Might Expect from Tangie x Chocolope?

This cannabis strain may distort vision and hearing that may lead to paranoia.

How to Grow Tangie x Chocolope?

Tangie x Chocolope is highly resistant to diseases and pests and develops a strong Indica structure. It grows ideally in fertile organic soil indoors or outdoors under warm temperatures.

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