Tangilope Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17% - 19%
367 grams per square meter
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8 - 9 weeks
Sunny, Dry
Growing Difficulty
Chocolate, citrus, orange, tropical, grapefruit, lemon, spicy, sweet

Where To Buy Tangilope Marijuana Seeds

Tangilope Marijuana Seeds Information

Tangilope is a cerebrally energizing strain that will ship you into a giggly and inspiring mindset and is a perfect choice to be shared among companions. This strain is also innovatively rousing and has a heavenly flavor profile that will make them return for more and more. Tangilope is a sweet and sour hybrid mix that was created by crossing Tangie with chocolate nope, with having a de-stressing and inspiring hybrid strain as a result. This current bud’s parentage is generally sativa strains, which is the reason it brought about turning into a 90% sativa hybrid.

What are the flavors and effects of Tangilope?

The flavors of Tangilope are chocolate, citrus, orange, tropical, grapefruit, spicy, sweet, and lemon. Tangilope is a 90% sativa hybrid that is tied in with giving you vitality and joy for sure. This bud is impeccable as a day starter, particularly on the off chance that you wake up with sensations of feeling down and would appreciate having some motivation, this strain can make you think clearly and offer some genuine excitement into your morning. This hybrid plant will make you feel euphoric immediately, as there is no postponement to its capabilities. Tangilope is going to make you feel fiercely inspired and elated, and this positive vibe will spread among your friends and those who surround you, as it will be tough to hide and ignore.

What are the medical benefits of Tangilope?

Tangilope is seriously suggested in the treatment of unending stress issues, as it is exceptionally invigorating and can be utilized during the day. This bud will make you establish the pace for the rest of your time, and will make them hold your rogue-ish ideas in line throughout the day. This hybrid is successful in the treatment of constant and severe depression. This strain can assist patients with mental issues and can even improve the user’s perspective in life. Tangilope is also perfect in the treatment of chronic fatigue, which can enable these patients to remain inspired just as stimulated.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Tangilope

Tangilope can make you feel marginally dried out, so it is exceptionally prescribed that you keep on re-hydrating as you smoke. This bud will make you feel parched and even leave your eyes feel bothersome and aggravated due to dryness. This plant would also make you feel a tad bit paranoid, so it is seriously prescribed to keep the dosage to a minimum, especially if you are still a beginner in consuming cannabis. Tangilope can make you feel lightheaded too, and you may even feel a slight headache, despite the fact that these are uncommon events.

How to Grow Tangilope?

Tangilope is not difficult to develop and takes a normal measure of time to thrive in a tall plant. This bud is impervious to regular molds and mildews just as different pests, and can also be considered easy for unpracticed cultivators to develop.


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