People, who are curious about how smoking weed feels would always ask “What does it feel like to be high?” The experience of being high differ from one consumer to another. The high that you get from cannabis is considered as one of the most unpredictable effects of drug intoxication. In this article, we’ll talk about getting high and how to manage it to have a better smoking experience.

How to Handle Being High

If you are new to using cannabis, being high can be a thing that you look forward or avoid. Preparing or conditioning yourself every time you would consume cannabis will help you cope easily if incase you indulge too much for cannabis. There are ways to professionally handle high so that it will still be a worthwhile experience for you.

It is normal to feel the effects of being high. Don’t panic because this greening out effect will only last within minutes or hours. Just keep in mind that there has been no report that a person died because of cannabis overdose. As long as you are surrounded by people who trust this high will be a comfortable one.

Sometimes the duration, when a particular strain takes effect,t depends on the type of strain and the method on how it is used. For example in taking in edibles, most consumers would usually overdose because they eat until they are satisfied not knowing that they have already exceeded the minimum dosage. In consuming cannabis, take one hit or one bite at a time.

During a high, it is important to always hydrate through drinking water or juice but stay away from the caffeinated drink. This is just to help you combat dry eyes, dry skin or dry mouth which is the usual side effects of taking in cannabis. Partner up these beverages with a light snack such as nuts, cheese or fruits to help you have a lighter high.

Black pepper is considered as a terpene-based maneuver that contains beta-caryophyllene that has the ability to combat the paranoia. You’ll just have to crush it a little bit then sniff it to have an instantaneous relief.

The intense discomfort that you are feeling will eventually fade. It is always safer to take a rest in a calm and quiet place. The best way to take off an intensive high is through taking a nap especially if your chosen strain has a couchlock effect.

Taking a shower while on high will help you relax and have a comfortable feeling. This is a way to feel good about yourself and to reboot your nervous system.

Since the duration of your high could last within minutes up to hours, it is advisable to distract yourself while waiting to come back down to Earth by doing worthwhile activities that are safe and that will help you have warm and fuzzy emotions.

Limonene is a compound found in a lemon that is a known compound that effectively diminishes the extreme effects of THC. You can make lemon as your drink or you can just squeeze and sip its extracts down to your throat.

Talking to your trusted friend and sharing your experience with someone who understands the feeling not only help you overcome it but it will help you get used to that feeling.

If you are on a high, always remind yourself that you are not in danger. Surround yourself with things that make you feel secure and comfortable.

Common Mistakes in Getting High

There is a myth that states that you won’t get extremely high the very first time you smoke cannabis. This is totally incorrect, during your first time since your body is not used to its impact to the body, there is a possibility that you will get extremely high unless you have smoked properly that is why it seems that it doesn’t work.

The most important thing in cannabis use is being able to know the difference and the kind of effects you get by using these two since they both have unique effects. Indica tends to release a more mellow body high while Sativa releases a more intense high. Users react differently that is why it is important to know what to expect.

The THC concentration is all over the part of the cannabis plant even the stems. Since you cannot throw it away, you can soak it in alcohol to create a THC-infused cocktail that you can put in a vaporizer to heat the THC.

In smoking cannabis, owning a grinder makes your smoke create a level of burning consistency that you can’t achieve when crushing the buds manually. The consumers will get an awesome experience when the kief turns out to be very fine that you can place on top of your smoke. 

The way how you keep your weed can affect the way it performs. If you are to keep the weed for a while, it should be kept in an airtight container and in a cool, dark area such as cupboards where there is no direct sunlight exposure. Storing it the right way will keep it fresh and will not lose out any effect.

There is a misconception that coughing while smoking weed is a sign that you are too high and that you are smoking a good quality weed. There is no evidence to support these claims. The reason why some users cough during a session is if the vapor inhaled is too hot for the lungs. So if you cough makes sure that the weed that you are smoking got the right temperature so that your lungs and throat are not irritated.

If you are experiencing diminishing effects from weed, there is a possibility that you are now building up a tolerance because of regular use. If this happens, it might be time to take a tolerance break to reset your system for a week or two.

Most consumers think that using the biggest nugs is the best one for you to get the most out of it but that is not necessarily correct because a lot more potent strain is seen in smaller or medium-sized nugs.

Factors that Affect the High from Cannabis

The effects of cannabis for each user is a unique experience. It is important to know your own personal cannabis tolerance so that you would know your limit in terms of quantity that you can consume for you to have a high. Your age, frequency of consumption, how long have you been smoking, and your body chemistry contributes to your tolerance.

There are different environmental factors that affect your high making it crucial whenever you will have to smoke. There is an instance where you smoke at the same time and at the same place give you two different experiences so before smoking take into consideration your mood, feelings, and comfortability. By being aware of some external and internal factors, you are able to figure out the suitable set and setting that work best for you.

The different delivery methods such as smoking, vaping, and eating edibles vary in terms of how they deliver cannabis effects because the body also processes it differently.

Setting up a dosage can be tricky especially in incorporating it in your preferred method of consumption. It is always advisable to start low and go slow. The dosage that you will be taking is the number 1 factor that affects the high that you will experience.

The cannabinoid profile of a strain is one of the best ways to know if that particular strain will make you high. It is important to know how each cannabinoid makes you feel so that you would know what to expect. The CBD: THC ratio will let you know what kind of high you will get.

The terpene profile is the one that determines the scent and taste of cannabis that makes you love a strain. It also plays an important role in the high because if a particular taste comforts you there is a tendency that you will be more fascinated with its effects.

As you get older, you will notice that your tolerance for cannabis gets shorter. You tend to manage the effects of cannabis easier because of the versatility on how you divert the high. There is still ongoing research about how age affects the way the high of cannabis affects the user.

Signs That You Need to Lessen Cannabis Intake

For some cannabis users, they cannot do anything without getting the feeling of high. If you only engage in life’s activities if you get a hit then it is time to freshen up to get a new perspective. If you can no longer create anything creative take a break so that you would know what you are really good at a clear head.

Some cannabis users use cannabis to be productive while some are being knocked down for the rest of the day with just one hit. Chronic cannabis users tend to have a low level of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that is linked to the part of the brain that is for motivation and ambition. The use of cannabis, on the contrary, gives a motivational sense on the user but when there is too much consumption you may end up not feeling motivated or not having a purpose in life.

When you are under the influence of weed before sleeping, the slow-wave sleep increases and your REM sleep decreases because THC alters your brain’s functioning. Having a high most of the nights is a bad habit because you may end up feeling foggy and sluggish the next morning. Low quality of sleep, slow cognition, and foggy feeling could have a negative impact on your overall mental and physical health.

Tips To Help You Cut Down Cannabis Usage

Instead of smoking larger portions why not take a puff and wait for a few minutes until you feel its effects. There’s a possibility that the first puff is already enough but if the high is not enough that’s the time to take another puff.

It is better to smoke one potent cannabis that will make you high with just a couple of puffs than smoking a lot of weak strains.

Vapes are designed in such a way that it will allow you to feel the effects of cannabis even if it is in a smaller portion. The effects of a small amount of cannabis consumed through vaping is equal to the effects of high amounts of cannabis consumed through smoking.

Buying cannabis in bulk will let you have a better deal but it would let you consume cannabis because of its availability. If you would buy cannabis in a smaller amount then you will also learn how to consume it little by little.

Final Thoughts

Getting high is one of the perks of consuming cannabis. The different types of high may be a positive experience for some but for those who experience negatively, there are different ways on how to make your sessions into a wonderful experience that will make you love cannabis more.

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