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“The Baddest Man on the Planet” Takes a Holistic Approach to Cannabis

Let’s get back to November 22, 1986. Within as little as 2 minutes and 35 seconds, a new world record is set. After a swirl of left hooks, Trevor Berbickis knocked down by the youngest heavyweight champion in history, the 20 year old Mike Tyson.

The glory of Tyson’s multiple incredible victories on the boxing ring was swiftly replaced with the bitter shock of Mike Tyson’s 6 years imprisonment. Despite the hard times, Tyson managed to rise up just like a phoenix. In 2019, Mike Tyson’s holistic and futuristic approach to cannabis is writing new pages in the history of mankind.

The Spectacular Metamorphosis of Mike Tyson (What Cannabis Has to Do with it?)

From one of the best boxing champions of all times, Mike Tyson went through a tough, infamy period. However, he did not merely manage to rehabilitate himself, he also managed to show little-known sides of his character and talents.

A beloved comedian, speaker, motivator, and dedicated father, the former boxing champion who bit off the ear of Evander Holyfield in 1997 turned into one of the most influential and highly respected personas shaping the reality of the 21st century.

Who else, if not Mike Tyson himself, who has been through so much pain and faced both failure and fame while falling in and out from the grip of anger, could possibly understand and promote the benefits of cannabis better?

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Mike Tyson is truly concerned about busting the stagnant myths depicting marijuana as a highly addictive substance with no medicinal benefits.

Apart from spreading awareness over the multiple therapeutic benefits of cannabis, Mike Tyson is also supportive of all the hard-working people involved in the cannabis industry.

Indeed, Tyson has been through a lot of ups and downs. But for sure, Mike Tyson’s boxing career was nothing less than spectacular, blazing, and simply put, unparalleled. Mike Tyson was a born champion in beast mode and in the boxing ring was unprecedented.

Over the years Tyson has earned many nicknames, such as “Kid Dynamite,” and “Iron.” Without any doubt, his controversial behavior both outside and inside the ring, accompanied by his ferocity and the dramatic imprisonment in 1992 after being accused of rape, eventually lead to the nickname “The Baddest Man on the Planet.”

But is Mike Tyson really the baddest man on the planet?

Most certainly, the controversies surrounding Mike Tyson’s career and personal life have extended into quite the opposite direction. Nowadays, it would be much more appropriate to call Mike Tyson one of the kindest men on the planet.

The Rise of Tyson Holistic Holdings

Keeping in mind that Mike Tyson used to be famous for his often brutal behavior, as well as commonly associated with aggression, it might be quite puzzling to relate him with “wellness” and “health.” But as it turns out, Mike Tyson has many different faces, the truest face being the one he was capable of showing only after going through tremendous difficulties in his personal life.

Nowadays, Mike Tyson’s latest ventures have been marked by entertainment cameos, such as participating in stand-up comedy shows and blockbusting movies, among others. Most importantly, he has been just recently diving into the world of health and wellness.

In 2016, Tyson and his business partner Rob Hickman founded Tyson Holistic Holdings.

Tyson Holistic Holdings does not merely own but also operates several cannabis related businesses, the two major businesses being Tyson Holistic and Tyson Ranch.

But how did Mike Tyson even accept the idea of getting into the holistic health and wellness world of cannabis? According to Tyson himself, as soon as he was presented with the idea, he had no doubts about diving into this new vocation.

“I thought about how much good I could do by helping people with cannabis. It was a no brainer,” Tyson shared in an exclusive interview.

However, is Mike Tyson’s approach to cannabis deservedly titled “holistic” and “futuristic”? Without any doubt, it is.

By definition, “holistic medicine” refers to the treatment of the whole person by considering not only the symptoms of a particular disease but also social and mental factors.

The holistic philosophy revolves around the core belief that every single part of something is interconnected to the whole in a highly intimate, profound way, hence, being explicable only by reference to the whole. As far as the futuristic element in Tyson’s approach to cannabis is concerned, let’s take, for example, the creation of Tyson’s innovative CopperGel products.

The Launch of CopperGel Products

The CopperGelline started by launching two products CopperGel® Roll-On and CopperGel® Ice With Pure Hemp Oil.

Launched April 2018, CopperGel roll-on is described as an over-the-counter topical analgesic, the motto of the product summing it all up – “Knockout the Pain”. The active ingredients consist of both Camphor and Menthol, providing reliable relief for backache, arthritis, and, nonetheless, joint and muscle pain.

CopperGel Ice with pure hemp oil was created by combining the benefits of both copper and CBD. “Nobody knows pain better than I do,” Tyson stated when introducing his line of products.

The list of athletes joining the rapidly expanding list of Tyson’s CopperGel products line endorsers include Brian Shaw (four-time World’s Strongest Man), MMA superstars Fabricio Werdun, Urijah Faber and Cody Garbrandt, as well as Eben Britton (former NFL offensive tackle), Riley Cote (former NHL enforcer), and Stephanie Klemons (Global Dance Supervisor for the Broadway sell-out “Hamilton” and Tony Award-winning Associate Choreographer).
CopperGel products are Tyson’s first giant leap into educating and engaging the public in the healing properties of cannabis. Shedding more light on cannabis education and accessibility are among the main reasons why the first line of CopperGel products is focused on the therapeutic properties of CBD, instead of THC, with a mind to all the health-concerned individuals who may need to stay off THC consumption and/or treatment due to various still existing restrictions.

Tyson Holistic Holdings have also invested in the CHILL water company. The CHILL company is currently developing alkaline water infused with CBD.
PowerfulJRE – Joe Rogan Experience #1227 – Mike Tyson

Tyson’s Personal Quest to Promoting Cannabis as an Alternative to Opioids

Without any doubt, Mike Tyson has taken a lot of beating most of his life. Because of this, he ended up with no other choice but using opiates for managing and treating pain. Respectively, it comes as no surprise that Tyson has become truly engaged in promoting the healing power of CBD as an alternative to the highly addictive and side effects-inducing opioids. Tyson shares that as a person who has been fighting for more than two decades, his body knows tear and wear painfully well. After undergoing two surgeries in the past, Tyson also explains that marijuana consumption has truly helped in taking the pain away, apart from calming his nerves, thus, concluding that cannabis ingestion can be a way better alternative to opiates that had him “all screwed up.”

Moreover, Tyson’s genuine belief that cannabis can help people move away from opioid addiction is not solely based on his personal opinion and experience on that matter.

On February 9, 2018, a workshop entitled Cannabis and the opioid crisis: a multidisciplinary view was held at the Beckmann Center of the National Academy of Sciences. Participants from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, University of California San Diego, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Stanford University, among others, teamed up in discussing how cannabis can put an end to the dangerous opioid addiction rise.

But Tyson’s pioneer trace in promoting the healing benefits of cannabis keeps expanding as he has strategically teamed up with both veterans and professional athletes. Tyson, and in particular, Tyson Ranch, has developed numerous partnerships with NFL, WNBA, MLB, FIFA, BIG3, UFC, and NHL representatives. Some of the key advisors and investors Tyson has been collaborating with include David Stern (former NBA Commissioner) and Al Harrington (former NBA Player).

Moreover, Tyson’s holistic approach to cannabis further aims to promote the idea of health and wellness among one of the most vulnerable groups faced with the consequences of opioid treatment – veterans.

Tyson Ranch: The Culmination of Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Entrepreneurship

Digging deeper into Tyson’s great hopes on helping veterans in cutting off on opioids addiction, “Kid Dynamite” explained that he is personally “a big fan of veterans.”

I think they’ve given a lot to our country and we should give some back in return … Especially with all of the addiction that many of them come back with,” wholeheartedly continues Mike Tyson.

Because of this, Tyson Ranch has truly raised the bar very high when it comes to the holistic and futuristic approach to cannabis. Tyson is determined to not only empower but also to employ veterans at Tyson Ranch. Moreover, Tyson and his team will invest in the conduction of further research on the ways cannabis can help veterans returning from deployment.

Tyson Ranch is an ambitious project, occupying 407 acres of space in Southern California, and bound to become the top marijuana resort destination, united under the motto “Defining premium once and all for all.”

With this in mind, Tyson Ranch, being the latest of Tyson’s ventures, is nothing less but the culmination of Tyson’s cannabis entrepreneurship.

From cannabis research, education, tourism attractions, and a music festival, Tyson Ranch are beautifully all wrapped around the promotion of cannabis related health and wellness.

From hemp infused drinks and packaged top quality weed through cannabis infused topical ointments, Tyson is now confidently walking towards fulfilling his visionary dream of turning Tyson Ranch into a marijuana empire.

I think weed is the miracle drug of the future,” Tyson explains in an interview with TODAY’s reporter Natalie Morales. From managing anger through managing the debilitating social anxiety issues, as well as curing the chronic pain of his former boxing career, few are the ones that have such a rich, first-hand experience with the miraculous healing properties of the herb as Mike Tyson does.

Music Festival, Healing, Education & Cannabis Tourism: Tyson Ranch Has Got it All!

When asked about his former cocaine and alcohol addictions, and whether cannabis consumption is a slippery gateway slope to take, Mike Tyson humbly sums up “Doing weed got me off cocaine and all those other drinkings and all that stuff.”

As to his run-ins with the law and well known, press-released troubles, Tyson refuses to think of that “different guy” that he used to be, as he prefers to focus on “this guy right here and what we’re doing now.”

I’m not advocating for everybody to smoke pot. I’m only advocating for myself and people who’ve been experiencing pain like myself,” Tyson explains.

In fact, Tyson points out that the biggest support in his cannabis gigs (and not only) has been his wife, Kiki, who is currently the executive of his company being married for almost two decades and raising two beautiful children together.
Mike Tyson Wants To Build A Marijuana Empire | TODAY

For those who may accuse Mike Tyson of building a marijuana empire just for the sake of earning money, it’s important to keep in mind that Tyson Ranch will partner with local cannabis growers to help them brand, market and sell their products onsite, and no marijuana plants are planned to be cultivated at the Tyson Ranch as of now. This is also a significant step in allowing Tyson Ranch to legally operate at a federal level while simultaneously shedding light on the modern-day cannabis space.“Now, a lot of people do rent land from us and grow their products on it. If they grow it to the proper standards and are licensed properly in the state, we will consider selling them our packaging, which then gives them shelf space,” explains Mike Tyson’s business partner Rob Hickman.“There will be testing in the university. It’s going to be about educating people on the healing benefits, how to grow, and how to be in proper business,” continued Hickman.

The vision of turning Tyson Ranch into a holistic cannabis center of the future no longer seems like a distant dream. Tyson Ranch is set to offer opportunities for the growing yet relatively new industry of cannabis tourism. Apart from featuring a hotel, Tyson Ranch will provide a luxury camping experience for the visitors.
Planning on 200 units, the Tyson Ranch’ visitors will be able to fully submerge into rest and relaxation in a one-of-a-kind cannabis-friendly place.

Additionally, Tyson Ranch will host the Kind Music Festival providing guests with what is described as “the Lollapalooza of Cannabis.”

Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with the 420 Games and a Wellness Expo, Kind Festival is set to engage in and educate visitors about the growing world of cannabis.

Mike Tyson’s holistic and futuristic cannabis ‘Tyson Ranch‘ extends way beyond health and wellness. Instead, it reaches as far as cannabis education and cannabis tourism, all for the sake of providing the ultimate cannabis friendly experience.

But most importantly, Tyson’s futuristic and holistic approach to cannabis aims to shed more light on the true benefits of cannabis, being a highly polarized plant within the last century, despite its indisputable medicinal, recreational, economic, and environmental values that have been well-known and praised by the ancient civilizations for thousands of years.

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