Uptown HazeAka Frankie

Uptown Haze(Aka: Frankie) Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Medium but numbers are undisclosed
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8 to 9 weeks
Warm and can vary
Growing Difficulty
earthy and woody

Where To Buy Uptown Haze(Aka: Frankie) Marijuana Seeds

Uptown Haze(Aka: Frankie) Marijuana Seeds Information

Uptown Haze possesses several names like NYC Haze, The Piff, and Church, but the most common alias is Frankie. For some reason, the origin of the name remains unknown. But what the breeders are sure of is that it came from a New York breeder. In addition to that, it is only limited to New Yorkers, but a little information was disclosed to boost sales and popularity.

The Sativa-dominant hybrid is going to make every gear in your head to work. Thus, it boosts productivity and functionality like a morning coffee’s duty in every sluggish worker’s system. Therefore, it is a daytime strain to enjoy.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Uptown Haze (Aka: Frankie)?

The flavors of earthy and woody isn’t that special, to begin with, because it’s prevalent in all cannabis strain. Frankie is capable of delivering thoughtful ideas alongside with creativity and productivity. Euphoria will also accompany the mentioned mental stimulation.

What are the medical benefits of Uptown Haze (Aka: Frankie)?

Since it’s a bit stimulating, there are chances that you might feel hungry. With that, it can treat loss of appetite. It can also help folks who usually are in distress and are typically sluggish.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Uptown Haze (Aka: Frankie)

Dry mouth is going to be the first to occur before a slightly itchy throat takes place. To eliminate the feeling, you can try to drink as much water as you can before consuming it.

How to Grow Uptown Haze (Aka: Frankie)?

Uptown Haze can be very versatile when it comes to the area of cultivation since it can thrive indoors and outdoors in a greenhouse. The preferred climate may vary because of its place of origin, but the ideal is warm weather. It can survive sudden weather alterations and harsh climate conditions. It has high resistance towards destructive hindrances like molds, fungi like mildew, and few known pest attacks.

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