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Wake and Bake: Understanding its Basics

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According to science, non- morning people dominate all human population, making morning one of the most hated parts of the day – along with Mondays. What better way to start your day is through being all stimulated and invigorated that will serve as an inspiration to keep moving forward, despite possible hindrances and destructive announcements. Nonetheless, it seems cannabis has a way to give you all the feelings you will need. That is where wake-and-bake strains will enter, with its capability to make your day more tolerable and profoundly exciting. But how do cannabis strains do that? To learn the basics and science behind wake and bake strains, here are what you should know before delving into weeds belonging in the said category.

Understand the Basics of Wake and Bake strains

As the name says, Wake and Bake are slang terms for weeds that refer to strains that you can use right after waking up. Of course, you will still need to proceed to your morning routines like washing your face, doing light stretching, and everything your day will require so you could go off with the day. Using wake and bake strains doesn’t necessarily mean you’re predicting your morning to start badly. Some users use it for further invigoration so that they will remain functioning until the end of the daytime. 

There are many reasons why consumers love to put wake and bake strains in their preferences. Just because it somewhat gives an impermanent healing feeling doesn’t mean it’s the only thing it can offer because it can also be beneficial in terms of the medical field. Firstly, there are extensively various aims of why individuals are ingesting cannabis in the first place. It could be due to medical illnesses such as anxiety, stress, migraines, chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, poor appetite, etc. Doing so in the morning will increase the chance of pain alleviation and treatment. Still, it should go accordingly with the right dosage fitted for you, especially if you’re under the category of patients. 

On the other hand, most users are into recreational usage and expect nothing but pure recreational results. Unlike with diagnosed folks, people who are not subjected to medical usage goes after heavy dosage, making them highly exposed to adverse side effects. Regardless, it doesn’t entirely mean that they won’t benefit from it because they can and will. Imagine this; you wake up in the morning only to found out that rampant works are waiting for you. That alone is depressing, and you can already feel the series of migraines coming out of nowhere. However, if you know how to acquire information intensely, you would garner different cannabis strains around you that would make you feel better and heighten your productivity level. A wave of tardiness coming? No problem! But of course, like any other addictive substances, you should assume that side effects will most likely occur.

Meanwhile, while you figure out which bracket you apt the most, you might also consider the mediums you will be used to obtain the impacts the weed will give to its full extent. Based on users who approved their efficiency in the morning, puffing is the best way to do it. For that, you can use blunts, joints, or anything that will satisfy to your liking. Perhaps one of the reasons why smoking weed is the best option is due to the highly convenient process that will only require you to have any fire-releasing materials. 

As recommended, it’s better to go along with any Pure Sativa or Sativa-dominant strains, because they are more revitalizing than Indica. By the way, making use of Indica strains in the morning will put you into a lazy position with nothing but sleep in your mind. So, instead of preoccupying your head with stimulating thoughts, you will do the opposite. Steer clear away from sedative strains since it’s not what Wake and Bake marijuana should give. Besides, Sativa comprises networks of inspiring and mind-elevating ideas that will boost your mental stability without sacrificing bits of your mental health. Meaning, if you practice moderation with Sativa’s, expect to undergo cerebral improvement.

What Science has to say about Wake and Bake strains?

The diminutive documents regarding wake and bake strains are still unknown due to the legalization process and misleading information surrounding marijuana usage. Because of that, no in-depth research is available. Still, what Science has to say is important, despite being at surface level. As theories give, there are several studies that either contrasting to one another or completely similar together. 

Before there were trials and investigations, scientists think that the wake and bake term is nothing more than an illusion that fools the brain to think it’s functioning when it’s not doing anything. But, the big question mark here is, why do users feel things that seemed interconnected with our brains? Studies show that waking up in the morning is equivalent to having a power-drained body. What happens is that intensifying weed buzz will hit a weak body resulting in an energy commotion, and as usual, higher levels of energy always win. In other words, since the human body’s system has yet to eat, no nutrients are present. The intrusion of cannabis’ compounds like cannabinoids will make the competition one-sided. When there’s nothing to compete for, it will take over the whole system while the body wholly accepts the surge of liveliness.

Does consuming a Wake and Bake strains give adverse effects?

Honestly, marijuana is still an addictive substance, and users are prone to dependence. With all the right sides it gives, it still delivers its downside. A team of researchers in 2016 proved that weed utilization during the morning is usually one of the earliest signs of addiction. Much worse is its high association with other addictive consumables like alcohol. From an addiction journal, one study suggests that practicing wake and bake is the same as ingesting beers in the morning.

Furthermore, another wake and bake study concluded that people who smoke weed in the morning or any time before noon hits might be a potential mentally-disoriented individual. Therefore, they are not using the said strain for what it could temporarily heal. Instead, they use it for their interests. While medical practitioners give marijuana a nod in the field of medicine, people are abusing their capability. 


Now that you know the basics around the mentioned cannabis strains, it should not be a problem if you think you should use it or not anymore because the decision will be a matter of preference and ability. Sure, wake and bake weeds are incredibly helpful, but at what cost? Sometimes, people mistake help with abuse that they succumb to a higher dosage to eliminate all their worries despite it not being the primary purpose of wake and bake. When that happens, another problem will arise. However, if you’re confident that you can do better in terms of moderation, then there’s no harm in trying.

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