We Not Me Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18 - 19%
Above average
Flowering Period
56 - 70 days
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Fruity, cherry, sweet, earthy

Where To Buy We Not Me Marijuana Seeds

We Not Me Marijuana Seeds Information

It is the result of a three-way cross participated by Animal Cookies, Cherry Pie, and Mainline OG. Breeding and stabilizing this hybrid strain is the effort of Scapegoat Genetics. It brings outbalance effects that fairly come down on your mind and body. The potency is not too overwhelming, so beginners can try this weed.

You can get Sativa and Indica variety from this hybrid strain. It can be consumed any time of the day, whether during the day or as your day ends.

What are the Flavor and Effects of We Not Me?

The flavor will give you a fruity, cherry, earthy, and sweet taste. The euphoria that you will feel from this strain makes you remain clear-headed and functional. After several minutes, the narcotic effect will be introduced to you, but you will still be awake and alert. But when an hour and a half passed by, you will start to feel drowsy.

What are the medical benefits of We Not Me?

It will make you feel better as it can brush off any type of pain or aches. It pacifies the turbulent emotions caused by depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental ailments. It can stimulate your appetite, so there’s no need to worry about appetite loss and any eating disorder.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from We Not Me

Dryness may be felt on your eyes and mouth due to dehydration from weed. Take the right amount, so don’t obtain any serious side effects.

How to Grow We Not Me?

It can flourish in soil, hydroponics, and growing medium like coco coir. You have to water and feed the plants properly to avoid nutrient burn, deficiency, and root rot.

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