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11 Best Weed Memes:A Stoner’s Collection

weed memes

Today, you will find funny memes for everything, right from politics to cannabis. Weed memes are no doubt some of the best or even the chilliest memes on the web. They come in the form of GIFs showing an image of a person who has multiple blunts on his mouth or hands to the one that explains how it feels to eat cannabis.

These memes will somehow explain on your behalf the life and happiness you get as a stoner. Some people won’t even understand why you’re so in love with pot, so sharing these funny statements can make them see. Without further ado, here are the top 11 cannabis memes you can share with your fellow stoners.

Top 11 Weed Memes to Share

Ate Weed

Perhaps, you have a friend or someone in your circle of friends who is not smoking cannabis but curious about its look. That person might not be getting any chance yet to see a weed in actual. Why not have some fun with a friend who doesn’t know how weed looks? If that friend of yours will not take things seriously, this will be a fun experience. If he doesn’t have a strong tolerance to cannabis, he is sure to end up having a funny face like the man above. 

Crack A Window Shaggy's Weed os too Dank

Your fellow stoners know how dank cannabis is. Thus, it won’t be a big deal for them if you smoke inside the room or car. However, for someone who does not smoke, the strong smell that goes with the smoke can be embarrassing and awful. Seeing his facial reaction while wagging his hands as if he tries to get rid of the smell can be funny even for himself. A true friend will not be angry even if he doesn’t like the smell of your favorite Mary Jane. 

weed meme

A serious stoner is the one who is happy go lucky. This meme means smoking weed should be a fun experience not just for you but also for your friends. If your friend has a problem and is crying for help or has something serious to face and wants a company, then getting there while you’re high is going to be both funny and annoying for your friend. It could be better to take the pot with you, go there, have some serious talk, and share the blessings with your friend. This will make him feel better for sure. 

Weed meme 2

Weed is delicious but can be too intoxicating if you exceed your physical limitations. If you have built tolerance, then you’re more likely to remain alive even after an hour. The stronger you are, the more puffs you can have and enjoy. While you enjoy this, your friends may fail to go with the flow. Have you ever experienced this before? You’re a great smoker if you can still stand and stay alert after consuming a bowl of cannabis. You deserve to be called a “legend” for that. 

Weed meme 3

This meme says the truth. In the eyes of a stoner, it is not the side effects and pitfalls of smoking or consuming cannabis the scary thing. Instead, it is getting caught in the act by your girlfriend who does not want a fan of weed to be her boyfriend or someone else who hates pot. It could be so hard to explain your side to someone if both of you are not on the same page. Do you agree?

Weed meme 4

Everyone knows smoking cannabis for the first time can either be a fun or embarrassing moment. If it’s your first time and you smoked a lot, you may hesitate to try it again as you don’t enjoy the experience. It’s only a matter of knowing your limits and start there. For a stoner, consuming cannabis with wildness like the guy above is a fun experience if you’re in the right place and time. 

Weed meme 5

When you smoked and do something else after, it is so easy to lose your consciousness. You will forget the time, the place, and even your name if you have gone too intoxicated. This meme best describes how it feels to get high because of cannabis. You feel like you’re in the clouds or somewhere else as if you left the real world for the meantime. The feeling is sure to satisfy and make you smile. 

Weed meme 6

This is one of the best memes about cannabis. Do you agree? Getting a call or text message from a friend to go over his house for a bowl of weed will make your mouth water. You’re too excited but please do not be too stupid like the guy above. 

Weed meme 7

Weed can induce coughing just like real cigarettes. Trying to hold a cough is not going to help. Hey, coughing while puffing cannabis is a normal part of the session. So, don’t be shy if you can’t control the cough. Just blow it, enjoy, and let your buddies laugh at you. 

Weed meme 8

It’s so easy for someone to disregard the power of edibles. Taking a bite or two can seem not to affect someone, but that is not the real thing. A real stoner knows this and will never be like the guy above. Well, edibles take time to get you high but once the right time comes, the feeling is twice the effect of smoked cannabis. The man above consumed more as he doesn’t feel anything on the spot. He’s just surprised after an hour. 

weed meme 9

Cottonmouth is one of the most common side effects of smoking weed coupled with dry, red eyes. If you smoked a lot, then you will get a serious cottonmouth for sure. The feeling is hard to explain. A stoner knows that. Maybe, the guy above will help you see how it feels to have a cottonmouth. 


Sharing weed memes is just one of the ways to show to the entire world how much you love pot. Don’t hesitate to share these memes, especially the one that matches the moment. These memes are sure to add more fun while you’re having a good time with your friends and a bowl of fresh weed.

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