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What Strain Makes You Laugh the Most?

What Strain Makes You Laugh the Most?

Ah, the classic laugh trip. If you’ve ever tried using weed then you’d know what it means to “laugh your head off.” But have you ever wondered what strain makes you laugh the most? We have rounded up ten of the all-time cannabis strains that will make you laugh, even for no reason. Let them laugh trip begin.

What Strain Makes You Laugh the Most? ~ 10 Best Strains

1. Pineapple Express

What did Seth Rogen and James Franco do the most in the movie “Pineapple Express?” Laugh of course! This sativa-dominant strain became a household name after this movie but do you know that it was already a sensation in the Netherlands before the film?

Pineapple Express strain is a cross between Hawaiian and Trainwreck, a smooth and very sweet strain that will energize and at the same time make you giggly and very happy. It has around 24% THC plus overtones of fresh ripe pineapples, mango, pine, and green apple.

It can also trigger creativity, euphoria, and some paranoia so you must be careful when taking your first dose. And aside from the giggles, expect Pineapple Express to be therapeutic as it can help relieve all kinds of pain including chronic pain, migraines, headaches, muscle pains, and arthritis. It can help people suffering from depression, fatigue, anxiety, and stress too.

2. Laughing Buddha

Just from the name and you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for. Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular, award-winning sativa from Barney’s Farm. It is a tall plant made from two landrace strains: a legendary Thai and a Jamaican.

This strain has an energizing effect and can help reduce tension and stress. It’s the kind of strain that will help you laugh all your troubles away. You’ll be in an instant laugh trip, in a very giddy mood right after a few tokes because of its high 18% THC content.

And aside from being a favorite laughing strain, you can also trust Laughing Buddha for its medicinal effects. This strain can help relieve all kinds of pain including migraines, arthritis, headaches, muscle pains, and many others. It’s a sure-fire treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, and mental and physical fatigue.

3. Auto Blue Diesel

This is an autoflowering hybrid strain with a delicious blueberry flavored smoke. Because of its sativa and indica lineage, its effects are the best of both worlds. You’ll feel very happy and giggly but at the same time focused and creative. Don’t worry, your laugh trip won’t get in the way of your activities throughout the day. You’ll love its focused effects too as you’ll be able to finish work and tasks at home with a lively song ringing in your ear.

Some people report an energetic high with Auto Blue Diesel something that you’ll thank for if you don’t have the drive to start a busy day. It’s also a therapeutic strain that will help you deal with anxiety, depression, and stress. You may also use this to deal with poor appetites and nausea. It’s effective for all kinds of pain including headaches, muscle pains, and joint pains.

4. Liberty Haze

Liberty Haze is a very potent sativa strain from Barney’s Farm. It comes with a mind-bending 17 to 29% THC and thus, be prepared for a very energizing and cerebral effect. First-time users will be stunned with the effect of this powerful strain and may suffer from temporary paranoia and headaches. But once you’re used to this lovely lady, you’ll find it relaxing and calming.

When properly dosed with Liberty Haze, you will feel focused and able to complete all tasks that are needed to be done. It will help you finish your work with a smile on your face plus it can also help you deal with a variety of medical issues.

Liberty Haze can help with chronic pains, migraines, and arthritis plus, it can also deal with mental issues including anxiety and depression.

5. Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf is a pure indica, a fast-flowering strain that will give you amazing relaxation. It comes with 16% THC that will keep you euphoric, aroused, and tingly all day long. Instead of having the usual boring day, you’ll find yourself smiling and giggling at almost anything you see.

This is also a sleepy strain and can be used for the relief of insomnia and sleeplessness. You can take Maple Leaf at night, to cap a busy day or during the weekends when you can afford to relax, nap, or take a much-deserved rest.

6. Doctor Jamaica

This is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain also known as California Orange in the 1980s. It is also the perfect balance of fragrance with delicious orange and citrus aromas. You’ll get instantly hooked from the flavor and smell of this strain.

But the power of the Doctor lies more in its ability to stimulate users. It comes with THC levels 15% to 20% making this a good strain to try for beginners. You’ll find this stimulating but at the same time relaxing; it will keep you grounded, happy, focused, and social. It’s also a giggly strain as you’ll find yourself laughing at almost anything you’ll see and say.

And like most of the strains we have on our list, Doctor Jamaica is also a medicinal strain. It can ease mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress plus it can also deal with physical conditions like pain. You can ease migraines, headaches, muscle pains, and joint pains with dose of this hybrid strain.

7. White Strawberry Skunk

Another potent hybrid is White Strawberry Skunk, a balanced indica and sativa strain with a wonderful fruity taste and smell. It is originally from Switzerland, home of precise wristwatches and sharp knives. No wonder this strain strikes an accurate balance between indica and sativa strains.

White Strawberry Skunk has a social and cerebral effect that will take you out of your shell. It will help you become more focused, relaxed, and very stimulated plus will also keep you happy to the point you’re giggly and laughing at just about anything. This strain tastes and smells like strawberry and berry with a slight skunk and earthy flavors. You can also use this strain to deal with medical and mental issues including pain, stress, anxiety ad depression.

8. Misty Gorilla Autoflowering

Misty Gorilla Auto is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with 20% THC. This strain is so relaxing. Use this moderately or else, you’ll likely spend the entire day asleep. It is also a strain that will make you laugh non-stop; moderate doses will make you the light of the party as you enjoy this social, homey, and very relaxing strain.

Misty Gorilla Auto can lead to a couchlock effect if you’re not careful. But if you lean on the side of caution, you can share this with friends who love to chill out and relax like you. This hybrid is calming, euphoric and uplifting but can make you sleepy and lazy if you don’t use this properly.

And aside from being a recreational stain, expect Misty Gorilla Automatic to be a very therapeutics strain. Because of its relaxing effect, you can use this to naturally deal with stress and anxiety. Use this strain to combat pain including chronic pains, headaches, migraines, joint pains, and muscle pain.

9. Amnesia Haze Automatic

Amnesia Haze is now in automatic form. This strain is capable of growing faster and without the need for special grow lighting schedules. For growers, this strain is truly a blessing. For consumers, it’s the same thing. Recreational growers adore this sativa-dominant strain because of its ability to lift you out of your worries and make feel very happy, positive, and energetic.

Amnesia Haze auto is sure to make you laugh and giggle for straight hours. You will enjoy sharing this weed with friends and admire this strain’s sweet, musky, and spicy aromas. And aside from being an overall happy and energetic strain, you can also use this strain for its therapeutic qualities.

Because of its energetic high, expert this strain helps with depression, anxiety, and stress. You’ll learn how to laugh at your problems and go about your day with a lively tune that plays over and over in your head. You can use this to curb mental and physical fatigue. It will revive you and help you enjoy your life better. And of course something as stimulating as Amnesia Haze auto is also useful for all kinds of pain including headaches, migraines, muscle pain and strain, joint pain and so much more.

10. Sativa Dream

Sativa Dream is a sativa strain that grows large buds with thick resin. The taste is incredible like pure honey making it one of the most delicious sativas in the market. It is a very strong, euphoric strain that will make you very energetic, happy, uplifted, and giggly. You will laugh out loud with this strain.

Sativa Dream is perfect for friends this strain makes you laugh. It’s best for weekends, reunions or just to share ideas with your best buddies. You will love its citrusy and sweet flavors which will further make this one of your favorite strains.

Like all of the strains we have on our list, you’ll surely find this strain therapeutic as well. You can use this to deal with a variety of mental and physical issues including pain, chronic pain, headaches, migraines, muscle pain, and joint pain. It is a good one for stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Why Does Weed Make Us Laugh?

Weed makes you laugh because THC in cannabis can modulate the brain’s neural signaling. Because of this, you have a poor perception of your environment and most likely reduce your sensitivity to any negative energy or situation.

Also, marijuana can naturally improve your mood and hence, you’ll make us laugh, uplifted and everything is in a better or happier light. And because of these effects, marijuana can help ease conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression.

Some Tips About Taking Laugh Trip Strains

If you notice, most of the strains in this list have high THC and for people new to cannabis, this is not a good way to start. If you must take any of these strains, consume moderately. There are also many ways to consume very potent cannabis without succumbing to extreme effects and side effects.

  • Instead of smoking or vaping potent strains, use concentrates instead for a more accurate dose.
  • Check the effects of a new strain before you consume it. Only when you’re certain that you’re okay with the effects of a strain should you proceed with a regular dose or another small dose.
  • Buy and use only quality weed purchased from good quality, reliable online dispensaries.
  • If you want to use any strain for a medical condition, consult your doctor first to get the ideal strain and dose.

So now that you know which strain makes you laugh the most, you may feel the need to try some of  these strains. If you’re new to cannabis, we suggest trying strains out moderately. Never over-indulge to avoid dangerous side effects.

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