White Moma min

White Moma Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18 - 19%
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
60 - 65 days
Growing Difficulty
Woody, pine

Where To Buy White Moma Marijuana Seeds

White Moma Marijuana Seeds Information

It is the result of backcrossing the celebrity-profiled White Widow, which is also one of the special Dutch classics called LWW4. It’s the sought-after varieties that are being grown by clippings by the experts based in the Canary Islands. Dr. Grow, the breeder, was astonished by the traits of White Widow and came to accomplish this wonderful hybrid strain.

It has a THC content that is just a little above average with a lot of CBD. So aside from using it for recreation, you will get therapeutic benefits for sure. The best period to use it is in the evening and at night.

What are the Flavor and Effects of White Moma?

You will get the hints of wood and pine when puffing this weed. The heady buzz brings a lot of energy and mood-enhancing factors. The physical buzz will keep you calm and gradually wrap its warmth of sedation around you. It can also cause arousal to its consumers.

What are the medical benefits of White Moma?

It will make you feel better if you are suffering from daily or chronic pain. Sleep won’t be hard to find when consuming this weed, so you can make insomnia gone. It will give temporary relief to individuals who are struggling with mental ailments like stress, depression, and mood swing.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from White Moma

Irritated eyes and cottonmouth are the usual side effects. Don’t overdose so you won’t obtain any pronounced negative effects such as paranoia, dizziness, or headache.

How to Grow White Moma?

It’s a strain for indoor cultivation, and you might as well try hydroponics for the assurance of abundant harvest. Know the right nutrients and the proper amount to be given in every growth stage.

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